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Office of Student Government is accepting applications for executive board positions

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Make Your Voice Heard
Make your voice heard by applying for a Student Government position any time before 2 p.m. on March 12
Photo Courtesy of Office of Student Government
Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

Do you want to make your voice heard and be the difference at Kean University? If so, the Office of Student Government is accepting applications for a variety of positions. With this opportunity, students can gain valuable skills and act as a representation of their student body.

The Office of Student Government is an organization that aims to promote leadership and social engagement within students. Comprised of both Student Organization (SO) and Graduate and Part-Time Student Council (GPSC), the group also aspires to enhance one’s social, academic, cultural and professional growth. 

Student Organization is focused on those who are considered full-time undergraduate students. One of the organization’s main purposes are for members to act as a voice for the undergraduates. Furthermore, the group advocates to maintain diversity and free expression amongst their members. 

Graduate and Part-Time Student Council is another part of Student Government, that looks to maintain a presence of creative scholarly opinion, debate and learning. GPSC also aims to develop an interactive environment that increases students’ academic and cultural experience. 

For those interested in joining the Office of Student Government, they will gain many advantages and opportunities as a member. When joining the organization, students can receive special VIP invitations to university events as well as exclusive trainings. Additionally, students will obtain valuable skills that will be beneficial on and off campus.  

There are many positions available for students willing to participate in the organization. For the SO, the following positions are open to all who are interested: 

  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice President of Special Projects
  • Vice President of Programming
  • Vice President of Kean Ocean
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Treasurer 
  • Senior Class President
  • Junior Class President
  • Sophomore Class President

As well as these positions for SO, there are additional opportunities for those who are seniors, juniors and sophomores. Within these sections, there are council seats open for:

  • Class Vice President 
  • Class Treasurer
  • Class Secretary
  • Class Senator

Additionally, for those who are graduates or part-time students, Student Government, on behalf of GPSC, is accepting applications for:

  • President 
  • Vice President of Programming 
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary 

If students find a position that they are interested in pursuing, they may apply through the Office of Student Government Cougar Link page. Once students reach this page, they can access the application under the forms tab. Students should make sure that they are in the correct section when applying, either SO or GPSC. 

Before starting the application, students should make sure that they meet all requirements expected of them. For SO, interested individuals must be registered as a full-time, undergraduate student. Additionally, SO candidates must have at least a 2.5 GPA in order to be eligible.

GPSC candidates must be registered as a full-time graduate student or part-time undergraduate student. GPSC students must also meet the requirement of having a 3.0 GPA or higher in order to qualify. For more information on eligibility, students can find general requirements on the documents tab of their Cougar Link page. 

For all students who are interested in applying for any of the available positions, the deadline for submissions is March 12, at 2 p.m. Also, if there are any questions or concerns, students can reach out to Office of Student Government at

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Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

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