Lunar New Year 2021

Students joined Kean P.U.L.S.E for a Lunar New Year celebration to learn more about Chinese culture and traditions

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Lunar New Year 2021
Maria Paz-Lopez, Staff Writer

On Feb. 12, Kean P.U.L.S.E Programming Board for Unique and Lively students (P.U.L.S.E) hosted a virtual Lunar New Year celebration. Kean students were given the opportunity to learn traditions on how to bring in the Lunar New Year, gain knowledge on Chinese culture and even had the chance to receive a Year of the Ox T-shirt.

With over 40 participants, students came together to learn and celebrate the Lunar New Year through a virtual Zoom meeting.

The event kicked off with the Center of International Studies “Zoom Around the World.” Through a game of two truths and a lie, participants learned fun facts about each country that celebrates the Lunar New Year. Students got to watch a video of facts and traditions in celebration during this time of year. 

The Wenzhou-Kean University Student Association continued by going through the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac. Kean students and staff learned about the attributes of each zodiac animal and what zodiac animal matches the year they were born.

Bok Gyo Jeong, Ph.D., assistant professor of public administration was invited to speak on the ways Korea celebrates the Lunar New Year. Participants learned more about Korea’s traditional clothing, food and games. 

Reminding participants of how hungry they are, Haina Zhu taught attendees how to make dumplings. Alongside her son and husband, they demonstrated how to spread the dough and how to fold the dumplings.

Kean University’s Hallyu Club closed off the event by teaching participants K-pop group Seventeen’s dance for their song, “Left and Right.” 

Kean students were encouraged to test their knowledge of the Lunar New Year and Chinese culture through an interactive Kahoot Game giving out prices to the top three winners.

Kean P.U.L.S.E is a student-led programming board that strives to build community and involvement within the Kean community. They are dedicated to providing programs based on career development, global and cultural awareness, social engagement and many more. All events are planned for students by students. 

In this virtual world, Kean P.U.L.S.E continues to host events to bring the Kean community together. For more information on upcoming events, students can check out Kean P.U.L.S.E on Cougar Link or follow them on Instagram @keanpulse

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Maria Paz-Lopez, Staff Writer

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