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Tomorrow's Teachers welcome Kean students to share their favorite school memories and children's books

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A Book for a Book
Tomorrow's Teacher encourages students to share their favorite children's books and memories from early schooling. Photo of presentation at the online event.
Maria Paz-Lopez, Staff Writer

On March 18, Kean’s Tomorrow’s Teachers hosted a book swap. Students were welcome to join, share and talk about all their favorite books regardless of genre. 

The event kicked off with an ice breaker. Participants were given the chance to reminisce on their youth as they shared their favorite memories from early schooling. 

In celebration of Saint Patrick's Day, a three-minute read-aloud of the book “How to Catch a Leprechaun” was presented. Participants watched as the little leprechaun jumped through and out of all the traps children had set to catch him.

President of Tomorrow’s Teachers, Stephanie Plaza presented the audience with information on the importance of literacy. She explained how literacy helps children engage with the written word, learn to ask questions and answer questions.

Plaza also mentioned important steps to take before reading aloud to children. Reading the story ahead of time, addressing all the parts of a book (front cover, back cover, spine, etc.) and asking children to infer what will happen in the book are key steps before reading.

Plaza advised the participants to ask young students critical thinking questions after reading. Some members shared their experiences in reading to children and how to make the experience more enjoyable for both them and the young listeners.

Book Swap Childrens Books.png

A Jam Board was shared within the Google meeting where participants were encouraged to add pictures and notes about their favorite books.

A variety of stories were exchanged, everywhere from The Magic Tree House series to Junie B. Jones.

These novels were discussed and participants expressed their admiration for literature in their childhoods.

Running short on time, students were unable to watch the last two read-alouds but were able to access the presentation to watch at a later time. 

Book Swap Deaf History Month.png

There was also a brief mention of books that could be used to acknowledge National Deaf History Month.

These included titles such as Hands & Hearts, Silent Star and Deaf Child Crossing.

Missed this event? No worries! Tomorrow’s Teachers is holding a variety of events for the end of March and well into April including Teaching Early Childhood Vocabulary on March 26 and Cougar's Clash: Murder Mystery on April 13.

Students can check out these and many more events on Cougar Link and follow Tomorrow's Teachers on Instagram @keantomorrowsteachers to keep up with club activities. 

If students are interested in Kean’s Tomorrow’s Teachers or have any questions, they can reach out through email at tomorrowsteachers@kean.edu.

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Maria Paz-Lopez, Staff Writer


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