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The candidates of the 2021 Student Government Election

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Election Speculation
Meet the Candidates of the 2021 Student Government Elections (All are not pictured)
Photos courtesy of Student Government and candidates
Justin Kanski, Staff Writer

Hear ye, hear ye! Step right up and welcome to this year’s virtual 2021 Student Organization Election. Here are the candidates pictured from left to right.

1. Luis Torrez Ramos: Senior Class President Candidate. Ramos is currently serving in the AF Reserves and was a peer advisor to victims of sexual assault. Ramos believes everyone’s mental health is important to him, as well as making sure everyone is treated equally, especially during these hard times of COVID and the rising hate crimes in the media. Ramos is determined to help the very best way he can and vows that as Senior class president, everyone's voice will be important to him.

2. Lizbeth Arce: Currently a junior majoring in speech-language-hearing sciences, Arce is hoping to become a Senior Class Senator for her senior year in the fall. Arce is also a resident assistant for Cougar Hall. Arce would love to have the opportunity to become a Senior Class Senator to "voice the suggestions and concerns of my peers to make their experience here at Kean a great one."

3. Michael Rado: Rado is in the running for Kean University Student Body Treasurer. Rado is a full-time student in the College of Business and Public Management majoring in supply chain and information management with a marketing minor. Rado works a part-time job while serving on the Kean student government as the junior class treasurer. Rado is also a regular blood donor while in various clubs at Kean with active participation in religious services on the weekends. Rado wants voters to remember “Please remember to Treasure your vote! And bank on me! Michael Rado as your new Kean University Student Body treasurer!”

4. Juliana Lopez: Currently applying for the vice president of special projects position. Lopez is a member of the ESL Club and has served on the Student Organization for a year as treasurer. During her time at Kean, Lopez feels she has “acquired crucial experience and skills to succeed in this position which makes me a strong candidate.”

5. Kevalkumar Barvaliya: Running for sophomore class president. Bravaliya is studying for a B.S. in computer science. He is an international student Researcher in AI (Freshmen research initiative) and is open to any leadership role.

6. Esther Blankson: Sophomore Class Senator candidate. Blankson is an international student from Ghana, an Instruction Leader and CURF undergraduate Research Recruit at Kean University. Blankson is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in biology health professions-physician assistant track. Blankson’s goal is to become a geriatric physician assistant to help the elderly in the community. 

7. Uyiosa Igori: Sophomore Class Treasurer candidate, Igori is currently the treasurer of the freshman class. Igori wants “to make sure that the Class of 2024 gets a second chance on all the great things we missed out on.” Igori says: If you vote for me I promise to make the next school year the best one yet. A vote for me is a vote for change!”

8. Tanvi Tandan: Tandan is running for President of the Graduate and Part-Time Student Council. Tandan has been a part of the Leadership Institute for four years and also Student Government. Currently a senior class secretary Tandan says, “I am really enjoying it! I hope to continue to help my fellow students by continuing in this journey.”

9. Jason Pleitez: Running for the Executive President position for Kean University’s Student Government. Pleitez has been a Student Trustee for both graduate and undergraduate students on the Board of Trustees at Kean for the past two years. Pleitez says, “As Student Government Executive President, my mission remains the same. Together and with your vote, we can envision a promising upcoming academic year.” Pleitez envisions his ultimate goal to represent and voice the concerns of students to make sure they are heard.

10. Yessica Jimenez: Jimenez is a bilingual student seeking a degree in global business with the dream of becoming an international financial analyst and is applying to be the next Vice President of Programming.

11. Josephine O’Grady: Seeking election for the V.P. position at Kean Ocean. O’Grady is a community health education major as well as an aspiring nurse. O’Grady says "I hope to be the supporting role for the Kean Ocean student body in the same way that my academic counselors, advisors and professors have been for me."

12. Layla Almosbeh: Running for junior class senator position. Almosbeh is majoring in criminal justice with a political science minor. Upon graduating, Almosbeh plans to apply to law schools and hopefully become a criminal defense attorney in the future. Almosbeh says she is “outspoken, genuine, caring, fearless, friendly and possesses qualities that any student leader should have.”

13. Subha Nanduri: Seeking election as sophomore class secretary. Currently, the freshman class secretary, Nanduri says “I am a very diligent note-taker and am very organized at my work. I believe that everyone's voices must be heard. I would love to continue my work as a representative of our amazing class.”

*Additional candidates not pictured include

  1. Kierstin Mcilwrath: Running for Executive Board President. Mcilwrath is currently the junior class president who is majoring in psychology with a minor in American Sign Language. Mcilwrath has been a peer mentor for the EEO Organization since their sophomore year. 

  2. Antonio Henriquez: Also running for Executive Board President.  A transfer student, Henriquez is looking forward to “better acquainting myself with you all. It would be my honor to instill all of the habits that I have honed into this hardworking student body and proudly represent this campus as the Executive Board President."

  3. Rhyan Almonacy: Junior at Kean University majoring in psychology with a criminal justice minor running for executive board vice-president. Almonacy is a member of Kean University's intramural club for volleyball, a youth group leader and an usher at his church, an intern for Almonacy Law Firm and a student assistant for the Office of Management and Marketing. Almonacy has also been a part of Student Organization for two years as the VP of the Sophomore Class as well as the VP of Special Projects.

  4. Martha Julemis: Currently the Junior Class Vice President and seeking election as Executive Vice-President. Julemis says, "I always give my best, and in times of uncertainness, it is important to keep an open mind as well as an optimistic/positive attitude."

  5. Yaritza Amaya: A Junior at Kean majoring in business management with a minor in communication. Amaya is running for the Executive board treasurer position. Amaya has been a part of Student Government for the past two years. Amaya says “With my leadership and experience, I hope to continue to ensure that the students of Kean voices are heard.”

  6. Marcela Ferreira: Senior Class President candidate, Ferreira is a recreational therapist aide with over a year of experience designing activities. Ferreira is focused on delivering every client, resident, patient, maximum safety and enjoyment in recreational activities. In lieu of this experience, Ferreira envisions herself as a relationship-builder, along with communication skills, organizational and program management abilities. 

  7. Rebekah Burns: Also in the running for Senior class Vice-President, Burns is an avid writer with recent publications. Burns’ aesthetic is based on internal issues that arise thought, interpersonal relationships to include political, gender and demographical society. 

  8. Dariana Rodgriguez: Candidate for Senior class secretary Majoring in psychology with a minor in health, Rodriguez aspires to obtain a Ph.D and open up her own practice. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Rodriguez loves to meet new people and feels, "I am positively sure I can successfully manage to uphold them with a positive attitude and perseverance to fulfill anything required by me.”

  9. Luis Batista Lora: Seeking to be Student Government Senator. Migrating from another country, life has been a challenge for him as well as the transition with schools due to language barriers. Batista says it “motivates me to look for opportunities that can fulfill my hunger to live with people from different places and learn about different cultures.” Batista aspires to be a digital video producer.  

  10. Shelly Pesantez: In the running for junior class senator. This first generation college student is majoring in communication: media/film with the hopes of becoming a movie director releasing films of hardship on immigrant families. Pesantez says “I have focused on setting a great example for my family, and show that in this country anyone can make it with determination and faith.” 

  11. Anijah Jackson a.k.a. AJ: Currently the Sophomore class vice-president and seeking a win as junior class vice president. Jackson is a sociology major and successfully has been an English tutor, especially during virtual learning. Jackson is a “passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion as I am an executive member of a multi-cultural group that's been established in my hometown.”

  12. Jaime Brennan: Junior class senate candidate. Brennan says “I want to continue my role in influencing change on campus. I hope to continue to use my role to promote the voice of my fellow classmates and ensure that these voices are heard.”

  13. Alexandra Calpo: Sophomore Class Senator candidate. Calpo says "if I am elected, I can bring forth ideas for change regarding accessibility on campus, campus eateries, as well as other ideas that you have!”

  14. Delia Latini: Junior Class Senator candidate. Currently a sophomore class senator and seeking reelection. Latini says "I plan to use this position to the best of my ability to make the student experience as entertaining and rewarding as possible.”

  15. Martanique Pittson: Running for Senior class senator. Pittson is President of Sozio Hall with a major in elementary education who also has 13 years of community service. Pittson says “student government would be an opportunity for me to become more active around campus. It also allows me to have the chance of helping students have a better experience at Kean.”

  16. Luckerlme Millien: Running for Sophomore class president. Aspiring to be a surgeon or psychiatrist, Millien enjoys helping young ESL children writing poetry and with fashion. Millien says "I promise to implement creative activities and other meaningful ideas while creating long-lasting relationships with you.”

  17. Benjamin Lorenc: Student in business and public management running for Sophomore class senator. With previous experience in student government, Lorenc looks forward to “working alongside other students and faculty members and being able to do my part to help the Kean community as a whole!”

  18. Jeremiah Monteiro: Sophomore class senator candidate. Previously a freshman class senator and vice-president, Monteiro has been able to establish successful events. Monteiro says "It would be an honor to serve once again and do what I love the most, which is support my class!”

  19. Rania Gobgi: Information not available at time of publication.

Please remember to cast virtually Monday, April 5-7 via Cougar Link so voices can be heard. Make that change! For more information on Student Organization, please contact Office of Student Government.

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