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The M.A. in English Writing Studies is hosting this event for prospective students to meet current students in the program

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Meet the Graduates
Join the M.A. in English Writing Studies as they host their Virtual Graduate Meet and Greet on April 8.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

Kean University is home to many graduate programs for students to expand their knowledge even further. One of the graduate programs is the M.A. in English Writing Studies. This program is designed for students who are looking to further improve and practice their writing skills. In addition to learning about topics such as art and theory and how they relate to English writing.

This program is hosting an event for prospective students called Virtual Graduate Meet and Greet. The event will transpire on April 8 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Here, attendees can expect to learn about what the program entails through students that are currently in the program. They will be receiving personal advice from Kean students.

Dr. Mia Zamora, who is the director of the M.A. in English Writing Studies program, will be at the event to talk to prospective students. With her will be her Graduate Assistants, who are currently students in the program. They will describe the program to the attendees and how it can benefit prospective students. Additionally, they will be offering their first hand experience and answering any questions or concerns that the attendees may have.

This event will be a great opportunity for students that are looking to further their education in the writing field to learn more about how Kean can help them achieve their creative and professional goals. It will allow attendees to get a deeper look into the program, as well as establish connections with professors and students.

If one is interested in attending the event, be sure to register. On the registration form, attendees will be asked to fill out their name, email address, date of birth, information such as academic level, anticipated entry term and academic program of interest.

To learn more information about the M.A. in English Writing Studies, be sure to check out the Kean webpage.

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