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Restaurants, Clubs, and Fun, Oh My
Kean Students studying and enjoying drinks at Starbucks (pre-COVID)
Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

Campus life is one of the things that draws students in the most. What can they do and where can they go for fun while living on their college campus? Between clubs, restaurants on-campus, student lounges and off-campus establishments, Kean’s Union Campus holds it all. 

There are plenty of on campus eateries. From enjoying a Frappuccino while studying with friends at Starbucks, sitting down to eat at big-name restaurants such as Jersey Mike’s and Smashburger, to grabbing a quick snack at Auntie Anne’s there is so much variety. 

Along with on-campus eateries, Kean provides lounge areas all throughout campus to give students a place to hang or get homework done in-between classes. These lounges can be found in the Miron Student Center (MSC), Nancy Thompson Library Learning Commons (NTLC), Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) and in the residence halls.

Kean has also partnered with several local restaurants in Union, to provide off-campus dining. Cougar cash or flex dollars can be used at Applebee’s, Bonchon, Suspenders Restaurant and Pub and the Tropicana diner. This way, students can get some time away from school and enjoy a meal with friends. 

Ways to get involved include the multiple clubs and organizations Kean has to offer. They range from fraternities, sororities, student governments, honor societies, non-funded groups and so much more. Being a part of a club on campus will help increase confidence while adjusting to a new lifestyle and meeting new people. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, safety precautions must be taken when enjoying on and off campus eateries and activities. This includes wearing a mask when at restaurants, inside of all campus buildings and in big groups. Social distancing is also required when sitting at restaurants and meeting with clubs/organizations in one area. Moreover, be sure to wipe down all facilities used on campus so as to not spread germs. 

It can be hard to find fun things to do when exploring a new campus and a new way of living but that is why Kean has so many on-campus establishments. This makes it easier for freshmen without a car to still feel like they can get away from school work and have time for themselves. For those with cars, all of the eateries partnered with Kean are no more than a quick ten minute drive away. 

Be sure to grab a bite soon, Cougars! 

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Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

Jaclyn Lukas is an English major with a concentration in writing. She joined The Cougar’s Byte staff in Spring 2021. After her time at Kean, Jaclyn hopes to start her professional career in publishing for books or newspapers/magazines.