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Top Rated Textbook Rental Services
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Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

Starting every new semester the question is asked, will there be required text I need to purchase? Soon enough, syllabi full of multiple required texts for each class begin flooding emails and the search is on to determine where to find the cheapest version of these textbooks.

As most students already know, Chegg is one of the most well known and used online platforms for renting and buying textbooks. Students have saved up to 90% off on textbooks, there is a 21-day free return on physical books and offers textbook solutions/expert Q&A. 

Chegg does require a membership to have access to its facilities but one can get a free four-week trial, to see if it is the right fit. Following the four weeks, the membership will cost $14.95 per month, to have access to textbooks at possibly more than half the price. The textbooks, whether rented or purchased from Chegg, can be highlighted in but not written in if returning.

Amazon is another platform that textbooks can be found for a much cheaper price than from local bookstores. As long as students have the full name and edition of the text they are looking for, it should not be hard to find. Amazon will not have every single book but more times than none they will have the one a student is seeking. 

Textbooks can be purchased from Amazon but the smarter way to go is to rent them because Amazon makes it affordable and easy. It is usually $60 cheaper or more to rent a textbook from Amazon rather than buy it and return by the date on the book when they get it. All students have to do is save the box it came in, with the return label provided and ship it back by the date stated. 

Campus Book Rentals is another widely known and successful place to get textbooks for a much cheaper price. Students can rent new or used textbooks and even have the option to sell old textbooks that they have no use for, to make some of their money back. Over a million students have used this service and Campus Book Rentals has saved them over $116,843,431.78. 

When renting from Campus Book Rentals, one is allowed to highlight the text as if it was one's own, there are flexible rental periods provided and live customer support for any questions or concerns. If students are not satisfied with the textbook they have received or believe there is a better price for it somewhere else, students can return their book within 21 days, for a no questions asked refund. 

If any of these platforms fail to have the textbook students need or to meet their needs, Kean University's Official Bookstore can help. Due to it being directly for Kean and its students, one can be sure that the Kean bookstore will have any text that professors require. Students can go right to the Kean University Bookstore page, click on find textbooks, insert the term, department, course and section of the class, then the text they need will appear. 

Students can put in four classes at a time and add the books found to their required textbook list, so they can see them all in one place. The prices from Kean’s bookstore can be higher than the previously mentioned platforms but there are a few rentals students can find for a good price. 

Once the end of the semester comes, students must return their rentals back to the bookstore. There is the option to ship books to students houses but the shipping price will make the purchase more expensive. 

Finding textbooks is no easy task but students should not have to risk going broke at the beginning of each new semester. These platforms are designed to aid students in purchasing or renting their textbooks without breaking the bank. 

Shop smarter, not harder, Cougars! 

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Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

Jaclyn Lukas is an English major with a concentration in writing. She joined The Cougar’s Byte staff in Spring 2021. After her time at Kean, Jaclyn hopes to start her professional career in publishing for books or newspapers/magazines.