A Look Into the Legal Field

The Kean University Pre-Law Society has been reinstated on campus

A Look Into the Legal Field
This organization is on campus to help students interested in legal studies.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

There are many organizations on campus that are designed to help students seeking similar career opportunities to come together and create a sense of community on campus while further developing their professional skills. Here, students are surrounded by students with similar goals to help motivate each other and provide advice and assistance. One of these organizations is the Kean University Pre-Law Society.

This organization gives students that are interested in the field of law a space to collaborate through meetings and resources. Students interested in pursuing a legal education or a legal profession are encouraged to join, however it is not required. Anyone with curiosity and interest in the field are welcome to join. 

The Kean University Pre-Law Society was recently re-instated on campus to ensure that current students have the opportunity to join the organization. They have a new and eager executive board, who are excited to grow the organization. 

Myia White, the Outreach Director, said, “We understand how difficult it may be for students to find information about legal careers and we want to be a space where they can learn while also developing relationships with their peers.”

Some of the resources provided to members includes information regarding law schools and their admissions process, tips for taking the LSATs and professional development specific to the legal field. 

White said, “We can also help students build professional relationships with their peers and they can possibly use these relationships in the future.”

It is important for students to have peers in their field to help navigate undergraduate and postgraduate endeavors. Members of the Pre-Law society help each other by sharing their experiences and offering advice.

White said, “We want the Kean Pre-Law Society to succeed in making students feel welcome while also developing the various skills they will need in their pursuit of a legal career.”

She continued, “We ultimately want students to feel like they are retaining information that is not always easily accessible and use it to better themselves as students and possibly future lawyers.”

The Kean University Pre-Law Society hosts bi-weekly meetings on Mondays from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. They are also planning more upcoming events, so be sure to check out their Cougar Link and follow them on Instagram @keanprelaw

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