Dancing for a Cause

Kean Dance Marathon annually raises money for Children's Specialized Hospitals

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Dancing for a Cause
Kean Dance Marathon is raising money for Children's Speacialized Hospitals on April 16, 2021.
Photo Courtesy of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

As a part of Kean University, the Kean Dance Marathon (KDM) held by Greek Senate raises awareness and funds for the children at Children’s Specialized Hospitals in New Jersey. With their efforts, large collections have been gathered and all of the funding goes to an important cause. 

Greek Senate is one of the largest groups within Kean University consisting of 33 fraternities and sororities. These groups heavily value community service, leadership roles and campus involvement for all. As a member of the organization, students are able to find a sense of belonging and have a wide variety of opportunities that allow them to grow as an individual and to help the growth of their community on and off campus.

Kean Dance Marathon, which is held every year, goes to great efforts in order to raise money and to spread the word to others. The main mission within this organization is to aid sick and injured children by raising money for the hospitals. With these funds they hope to unite families from local hospitals who need support in these drastic times. 

Graduate Intern for Greek Affairs, Gabriella Lapointe, shares that anyone can participate and help in the cause. “A common misconception is that you have to be a part of a Greek Letter Organization to be a part of KDM but you do not need to be!” If there are any students who want to join in any way, they can contact greeks@kean.edu for more information.

KDM is an important cause that needs others to help in any way possible. With this initiative, students are having a direct impact on children who need medical attention. The funds raised goes towards treatments and healthcare related finances which greatly help struggling families.

Being a part of KDM has resulted in many great benefits for the Children’s Specialized Hospitals of New Jersey. Lapointe says, “KDM was the first dance marathon in New Jersey to raise over $50,000 for Children’s Specialized Hospitals.” 

Additionally, over numerous years, the organization has raised over $200,000 for kids and their families. “Being able to also see the impact we are having on the kids’ lives is so amazing!” Lapointe adds. 

For this year, because of COVID-19, KDM is being held virtually. In addition, all fundraisers and events have been done virtually as well. However, despite the pandemic, KDM is still pushing towards their cause. “We are excited for our main event that is taking place on Friday, April 16 at 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. virtually!” 

The main event for KDM is happening on April 16, so if students are interested in either participating or donating, they can register by contacting greeks@kean.edu or RSVP on Cougar Link. Additionally, if one wants to watch the live stream on Instagram, they can look at their page on Cougar Link

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