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Tips to help students thrive as the semester concludes

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Finishing Out Strong
Advice on how students can avoid end of the semester burnout.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

The end of the semester is quickly approaching, which means a lot of students may be feeling overwhelmed while trying to complete all of their courses. It is not a rarity for students to feel this way, however there are some methods and resources for students to utilize to help them finish the semester strong. 

Most students feel more under control of their coursework when they know exactly what needs to be done and what needs to be included in each assignment. One can make a calendar or even a spreadsheet outlining the rest of the assignments, discussion boards, exams, papers and projects that they have left to complete. This can be color-coded by the corresponding course and organized in chronological order of what is due the soonest. One could even write a brief description of what each assignment entails. Once one hands in an assignment, it can be checked off the list.

Another organization tip to keep students organized as they finish up their courses is to create a study schedule. For example, if one has an exam coming up, instead of cramming the studying into one night, sit down and put aside time each day leading up to the exam. One can focus on a certain chapter or topic each day that will be on the exam. Then, students will be prepared as the exam gets closer. 

This tip could also work for those who have to write paper or make presentations. Instead of leaving all of the work until the last minute, allot time leading up to the due date so one does not overwhelm themselves with a work overload.

It is also imperative to be sure when your exams are, especially now that most are remote. Students can remind the people that they are cohabitating with the time and date of the exam to ensure of a comfortable environment to take the exam. Or, consider going to the library, a friend or relative’s house if that is a quieter option. Regardless, plan out when and where one is going to take the exams, as well as anything you may need during the exam such as a computer charger, pencil, paper, calculator, etc. 

While working on various assignments, it is essential to allow oneself to take breaks when needed. Even if it is only for a few minutes, it can help people refocus when they get back to work. Be sure to walk around, grab a drink, a snack or even go outside for a few minutes. 

Another important aspect of studying or working on schoolwork is the environment that one is in. For example, the lighting, background noise and even the chair one is in can impact productivity. It can even be beneficial to change up one’s environment every once in a while. 

With being mostly remote this semester, it is also important to keep in communication with professors. Even though one may not see their professors in person, it can be beneficial to communicate via email. If one is struggling or has questions, reaching out to a professor can help the situation. Do not be afraid to communicate with professors via email, or consider reaching out to a fellow classmate.

Through these tips and more, students can avoid the end of the semester burnout.

Good luck on your finals, Cougars!

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Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

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