Keeping Kean's Community Safe

Insights on how to stay safe, report emergencies and help out on campus

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Keeping Kean's Community Safe
Kean University's Department of Public Safety/Police works day in and day out trying to keep Kean's campus safe. Find out how to report help. Photo provided by William Wallace.
Maria Paz-Lopez, Staff Writer

Kean University Department of Public Safety/Police is here to provide a safe and secure campus. The department provides a full spectrum of law enforcement services, from patrol to a criminal investigation bureau. Surrounding municipal and county law enforcement work hand in hand with the department to provide the safest possible environment for the Kean community.

Whether a student has spotted suspicious behavior or are in need of help on campus, they can trust in Kean University's various safety systems to help. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to report any and all crimes.

Reports should be made via telephone to the Kean University Department of Public Safety/Police Communication Center at (908)737-4800 or in person at the Police Headquarters. Additionally, saving the department's phone number as a cellphone contact for reporting emergencies is encouraged as calls may not be routed directly to the communication center.

One should note that the Kean University police email is not monitored on a 24-hour basis and does not respond to reports or requests for police services.

In the event of an emergency, students should contact 9-1-1 instead of campus police.

Blue Light telephones have been strategically placed at 13 outdoor locations throughout the campus.

For non-emergencies, one must use the keypad to dial five-digit on-campus telephone numbers.

For emergencies, one can push the red button.

Kean University also utilizes Campus Alerts. This application is a secure notification system for Campus Crisis Management and First Responder Communication that is provided by MIR3. It is maintained by the Office of Computer and Information Service (OCIS) and operated by the university police.

Kean uses this system to notify the campus community of any:

  • Emergency Campus Events
  • Information Technology
  • First Responder Mobilization

It allows for the utmost flexible communication with students, faculty and staff. The system supports communication through text messages, emails or phone calls.

An app is available for download on both Apple or Android-based smartphones.

All students, faculty and staff must register for Campus Alerts. In-depth instructions on how to register in the app for first-time users can be found here.

KeanSAFE is also a huge help on campus, an acronym for Students Active For Everyone.

Its mission is to provide opportunities for students to be a part of the public safety process. Students who join this program uphold the core values of the Department of Public Safety, providing extra help to students on campus.

Members of the team may be identified as students wearing the blue "Kean Public Safety" shirts and are available to assist any staff, faculty or students who might need help.

With the presenece of the COVID-19 virus, members of the Kean community can continue to help in the health and safety of Kean University by reporting any knowledge of a student who might be experiencing symptoms of Covid-19. All reports will be kept confidential as one must fill out this Student Reporting Tool.

Much more information and guides can be found on the Kean University Department Kean on Kean's Website.

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