Let's Welcome President Tanvi Tandan!

As of April 7, Tanvi Tandan is the new President of Graduate and Part-Time Student Council

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Let's Welcome President Tanvi Tandan!
Tanvi Tandan is the newly elected President of Graduate and Part-Time Student Council.
Photo Courtesy of Tanvi Tandan.
Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

As announced on April 7, the Office of Student Government’s elective board has been revealed. When it comes to the Graduate and Part-time Student Council (GPSC), Tanvi Tandan is officially the new president of the organization and is excited to help better our university.  

Tanvi Tandan is currently a senior who is excited about her new position in office. In the upcoming fall semester, she will become a graduate student, continuing her studies in public administration. When graduating in May, Tandan will be given her degree as well as a minor degree in marketing. As of now, Tandan is continuously pursuing a dual degree program of public administration at Kean. 

Before becoming the newly elected president, Tandan has had much involvement at Kean University. She has been a part of the Leadership Institute for over four years. Tandan also shows great interest for student government and has been a member since her sophomore year. As of now, Tandan currently holds a position as secretary for her senior class. 

Tandan decided to run for president due to her previous commitments to the school. When running for this position, Tandan was motivated by her passion for involvement. The newly elected president also hopes to do more in the fall semester once everything is in person. 

For this presidential race, Tandan had no other candidates running against her. However, even with this certified win she was still excited to gain this opportunity. Additionally, she was surprised to see students’ passion when it came down to voting. 

“I didn’t realize that this many people were voting in the elections,” Tandan explains, “Especially with it being remote, I didn’t expect so many people to vote.” 

With her new position, Tandan will have many responsibilities in the near future. As president, she is in charge of holding events and speaking to Matt Caruso, vice president of Student Affairs about how they can improve the community. In addition to this, Tandan will be helping the executive president of Student Government and more importantly, take in student concerns and suggestions. On May 1, Tandan will officially be taking office as president of GPSC. 

Once Tandan steps into office, she has her own goals when it comes the organization and the students. First, Tandan wants to make the students of Kean University a priority. It is highly important for the organization “to make a difference in the student’s lives." 

Tandan also aims to hold a lot of events in person when the university returns to on-campus activity. With this goal, the new president still wants to ensure the safety of others.

“We are going to do the best with the precaution. We want people to come back and to be safe,” said Tandan.

Tanvi Tandan has great plans for student government and is willing to help students in any way that she can. Tandan is very excited to be in this position and hopes to do her best for her fellow students and the university.

Congratulations Tanvi Tandan, president of GPSC!

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