The Results Are In!

Student Organization and the Graduate and Part-time Student Council announce their 2021-2022 elected student leaders

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The Results Are In!
Maria Paz-Lopez, Staff Writer

From Monday, April 5 at 9 a.m. to Wednesday, April 7 at 5 p.m., Kean University students logged into Cougar Link and placed their votes for students to represent them during the 2021-2022 academic year.

With the election now closed, here are the elected student leaders of Kean's two student governments:

Student Organization Election Results

Student Organization of Kean University

Student Organization of Kean University: the full-time undergraduate student government.

  • Executive Board President: Jason Pleitez
  • Executive Vice President: Martha Julemis
  • Vice President of Special Projects: Juliana Lopez
  • Vice President of Programming: Yessica Jimenez
  • Vice President of Kean Ocean: Josephine O'Grady
  • Treasurer: Yaritza Amaya
  • Senior Class President: Luis Torrez Ramos
  • Senior Class Vice President: Rebekah Burns
  • Senior Class Secretary: Dariana Rodriguez
  • Senior Class Senator: Luis Batista, Lizbeth Arce, Shelly Pesantez, Rania Gobji, Serena Veras
  • Junior Class Vice President: Anijah Jackson
  • Junior Class Senator: Alexandra Calpo, Layla Almosbeh, Jamie Brennan, Delia Latini, Esther Blankson, Martanique Pittson
  • Sophomore Class President: Luckerlme Milien
  • Sophomore Class Treasurer: Uyiosa Igori
  • Sophomore Class Secretary: Subha Nanduri
  • Sophomore Class Senator: Jeremiah Monteiro, Benjamin Lorenc
  • Graduate and Part-time Student Council (GPSC) Election Results

    Graduate and Part-time Student Council (GPSC)

Graduate and Part-time Student Council (GPSC): the part-time undergraduate and graduate student government.

  • President: Tanvi Tandan

Both student governments are committed to enhancing the growth of Kean's community by acting as a voice for the student body. They are dedicated to maintaining an open environment where students can flourish through scholarly opinion, debate and education.

As representatives for Kean's student body, they encourage students to voice their viewpoints through active feedback and participation. The boards host various events on and off campus that students can join in to give their feedback to promote the growth of the Kean community and the student body.

One can keep up with Kean's two student government by keeping an eye out for any events on Cougar's Link or on the Office of Student Government Instagram page at @keanstudentgov.

Students can also email them at with any questions or concerns.

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