The Show Must Go On!

Premiere Stages gives students enriched experiences within their program.

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The Show Must Go On!
Premiere Stages allows many opportunities for those in the program such as seminars and discussion panels.
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Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

As a part of Kean University, Premiere Stages allows students to gain a rich theatre experience through diverse performances. With this theatre company, people have access to many areas of performing arts such as plays, festivals and more. 

When it comes to Premiere Stages, one of their main goals are to produce plays that address relevant and topical issues. Some of this can include topics of inclusion, diversity and equity. Another goal is to help students advance their experiences through educational initiatives. Furthermore, Premiere Stages also wants to provide opportunities for all who are interested in the arts. 

For Premiere Stages, performances are produced based on the Premiere Play Festival. In this, a competition is held, developing four plays each year. The prize for the runner-up is a stage reading in June while the winner’s play will have a full production performed in September. 

Premiere Stages also incorporates the Bauer Boucher Playwriting Awards into their program. In this organization, they acknowledge the work of one Kean student and alumni, giving them the ability to submit original plays for rewards. Some of these rewards can be cash prizes or further development of their plays.

Within the program students are able to have enhance experiences through Premiere Artists. This program introduces students to distinguished artists in masterclasses and interactive discussion panels. Paid internships are also accessible to students in the program. As interns, students are given many opportunities such as weekly seminars, hands-on experience and interacting with professional artists.

In the program, Premiere Stages aims to work with all in the program and to continuously put out great work despite any difficulties. Even during the pandemic, Premiere Stages switched to a virtual platform producing many workshops and performances. Even in the difficult times, those in the program connected and worked together, continuing to show their passions for the arts. 

Similar to their dedication to the arts, Premiere Stages is also motivated to creating a safe space for all who are interested. On their webpage, they mention their support towards diversity and inclusion. To further this message, discussions have been made about equitability in the program as well as creating commitments against racism. Additionally, staff attend anti-racism workshops and seminars.

After gaining a connection with Premiere Stages, students are able to have resources in all areas that are needed to pursue their passion. Students can gain skills such as writing, performing and presentation when they are a part of the program. From this, participants will recieve networking experiences and have connections with Kean and its surrounding communities. 

Due to the pandemic, there have not been as much productions as usual. However, there will be more performances in the upcoming fall semester. If one wants to see plays from this program, they can attend the Bauer Boucher Theatre Center, visit Liberty Hall Museum, or go to an exhibit at the Holocaust Resource Center. Students can also visit their website at

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