Kean Faculty & Students Win Best Paper Award

Kean Faculty and Students presented their research at the Biannual International Virtual Conference and Research Symposium

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Kean Faculty & Students Win Best Paper Award
Adrian Peralta (left) and Danwei Yang (right) getting awarded the Best Paper Award
Photo courtesy of Min Chung Han, Ph.D.
Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

Held on April 23 and 24, Kean’s Marketing faculty and student team presented their research to the EATA (East Asian Trade Association) Biannual International Virtual Conference and Research Symposium. Assistant professor in the School of Management and Marketing, Min Chung Han, Ph.D., senior majoring in marketing Adrian Peralta and WKU senior majoring in marketing Danwei Yang received an award for their research presentation. 

The research symposium is an interdisciplinary conference for researchers to exchange ideas in overall business sectors including global businesses, marketing and finance. The research Han, Peralta, and Yang conducted called “Foreign Languages as Implicit Country of Origin Cues in E-Commerce”, investigated the subtle country of origin cues from Asian language brand name on American consumers attitude and purchase behavior. 

When asked about the experience, Peralta said, “This was my first time presenting at an academic conference outside of campus and it was a very rewarding experience." He described the study as “very fascinating to see the impact of foreign language sound brand name on consumers’ assumption on the brand origin. Haägen-Dazs sounds like European but it is actually from Brooklyn, NY. We focus on Asian language brand name and its impact on American consumers’ perception reflecting current strong Asian culture influence in America." 

It is interesting to see this concept that we gravitate to things more when they sound foreign and companies know this, therefore, they attempt to create products with foreign sounding origins. With the strong Asian culture influence in America the research the team conducted was very fitting to something going on in the current day. 

Danwei has been working with Dr. Han, since she joined his research project as a Research Recruit in 2019 while she was on Kean Union Campus, she said, "The experience of presenting research work and engaging with the audience of professors and researchers led me to a graduate school." 

Dr. Han explained, “It’s very important for students to present their work at conferences, they can build confidence, learn knowledge and get new ideas from taking part in conferences.”

Pictured below are Peralta and Yang presenting their research at the conference and holding their best paper award: 

For more information on Research Recruit or to talk about a research idea, students can contact Dr. Han at or by phone at (908) 737-4144.  

Congratulations to Dr. Han, Adrian and Danwei!

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