Teamwork; Makes The Dream Work

Kean's Division for Student Success and Retention and what it can do for students throughout their college experience

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Teamwork; Makes The Dream Work
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Surely all college students can agree that the possibility of not graduating on time or veering off the path of their academic path, is one of the scariest thoughts. Going at it alone or with one advisor who is swamped with other students can be stressful and lead to mistakes in class selection or credit amount. This is why Kean has a division specifically for helping students with a timely graduation. 

The Division of Student Success and Retention is dedicated to making sure students have the guidance and support that they need on the journey to earning their degree. Being proactive in reaching out to students and making sure they stay on track of their goals is the main idea for the division. Helping students of all departments network and have the resources they need, allows them to promote academic and social success. 

Academic Specialist and Kean Mental Health Counseling graduate, Richard Remoura explains, “Each student who is on academic probation I or II is assigned an academic coach for the upcoming semester. It is required that these students meet with their academic coach weekly throughout the semester and to attend two group workshops. Our group workshops are co-facilitated by our academic coaches and consist of topics such as; time-management, overcoming anxiety, stress management and studying and notetaking skills."

To attend any of these group workshops, click here:

During one-on-one counseling sessions between the academic coach and student, they are to discuss how to assist with academic goal setting, providing resources for navigating a successful semester as well as making referrals for internal and external resources. Individual sessions are open-minded and the importance of confidentiality and empathy are expressed constantly throughout.

Hours of Operation include: 

  •  Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

An important part of the Division of Student Success and Retention is the Step-It-Up program (SIU). This program is designed to help those students who are struggling academically have the chance to improve and graduate. Using the students in the Counselor Education Program to mentor students, they also award practicum or internship experience to their mentors. SIU is a highly successful program that provides a suite of workshops to the entire campus, along with students at academic risk. 

To meet the SIU coaches, click here:

Remoura said, “I have been able to help students build their own confidence and motivation while attending Kean University. It is very important and powerful seeing individual students create their own journey through some of the most important years of their lives and better themselves. It is a very satisfying and fulfilling program that helps both the students, the university and myself.”

If students have any questions or concerns, they can contact The Office of Student Success and Educational Innovation at or by phone at (908) 737-0323. 

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