Traveling Across the USA

Here are the five most popular road trips that students can take this summer

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Traveling Across the USA
Road trips can be a great way to spend your summer vacation.
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Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

One of the best ways to vacation this summer is by going on a road trip. A road trip can be worth it as long as one picks the right destination. Since the possibilities are endless, here are the top five best places to road trip this summer.

The first recommendation is Route 66, a cross-country trip that takes tourists from Illinois to California. With a route that passes through eight states, there are more than enough attractions to experience along the way. In Texas, one will see Cadillac Ranch, a roadside attraction full of colorful cars. One can also see the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle in Illinois and the Gateway Arch in Missouri. This trip is perfect for travelers looking to get a taste of America.

Another exciting option is the Pacific Coast Highway in California. Starting in Orange County and ending in Mendocino County, road trippers can explore the beaches, walk the boardwalks and visit many aquatic-based attractions. Additionally, tourists will get the opportunity to view the Golden Gate Bridge and visit the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. This road trip is made for those who want to experience California. 

Blue Ridge Highway is a road trip favorite consisting of 469 miles of open road. This trip connects two national parks, Shenandoah in Virginia and Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. While traveling, one will observe mountain views and wildlife. When exploring the mountains, tourists have the opportunity to hike various trails and to go camping. This road trip is sure to give visitors a connection with nature.

Florida Keys Scenic Highway gives tourists the opportunity to partake in oceanic life. This specific route presents travelers with beautiful oceanic scenery on both sides of the road. While the drive can be done in four hours, this trip could last for days if visitors partake in activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling. Driving alongside the ocean is a great way to enjoy the summer. 

Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons is one of the most well-known road trips to ever be taken in the United States. Not only does one get to experience two national parks, but people also get to embrace nature by going camping, hiking trails and visiting geysers. Tourists also can see wildlife such as bears, wolves and moose. If one is looking for the opportunity to embrace nature, then this trip will be very pleasurable. 

While it appears that the pandemic is coming to an end, many are still anxious about travelling this summer. Road trips provide travelers numerous opportunities to observe and experience things without leaving their vehicle.

As long as people remain safe and plan accordingly, road trips can help make the summer enjoyable. So if one is planning to travel, be sure to save money, bring great friends and more importantly, have fun!

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Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

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