Kean Introduces Bachelor of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts has a new bachelor's degree program for all undergraduate students

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Kean Introduces Bachelor of Liberal Arts
The College of Liberal Arts held an event, promoting their B.A. in Liberal Arts program.
Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

Students declared as undecided can look no further because the College of Liberal Arts has something new to share. The college is providing scholars with a chance to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. This innovative undergraduate program offers an opportunity for participants to gain knowledge in varying courses and to leave with an enhanced educational experience. 

On Nov. 9 during college hour, The College of Liberal Arts held a tabling event, promoting their latest degree option to the campus. Within the first floor of the Center for Academics Success, students eagerly gathered around the tables to learn more about this unique program. 

“This is a specific major. It is a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts,” stated Kim Daniel-Robinson Ph.D., Coordinator of Bachelor of Liberal Arts. “It combines some business courses, some political science courses, communication courses and social justice courses.” 

Like other majors at Kean, a B.A. in Liberal Arts is a four-year program that requires students to take general education classes as well as required courses for the major. Internships will also be required in order to help individuals prepare for their future. This type of program provides a range of courses that can open many doors for students. 

As part of the curriculum, students would be taking courses that are present in majors within the College of Liberal Arts. Some of these major courses include:

  • SOC 2000 Introduction to Social Justice
  • PHIL 2505 Critical Thinking
  • ENG 3090 Business and Professional Writing
  • COMM 3520 Organizational Communication
  • HIST 2303 US History to 1877
  • PS 1010 Introduction to Politics

The program’s main objective is to give students, who came in with uncertainty, the ability to graduate with clarity. By participating in the program, the intended outcome is for scholars to have the proper skills needed to succeed within their desired career path. 

“The skills that students learn in this program are transferable, so students can go from getting a BA in liberal arts and then go on to graduate school in many different areas,” said Dr. Daniel-Robinson. 

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Jonathan Mercantini, Ph.D., greatly agrees with Daniel-Robinson. In this program, Mercantini firmly believes that students will have flexibility when deciding their futures. 

Robinson and Mercantini.jpg
Dr. Kim Daniel-Robinson, Coordinator of Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Jonathan Mercantini, Ph.D., Dean of College of Liberal Arts at their B.A. in Liberal Arts event.

“It was to offer another option for students to get a general degree that would prepare them for a variety of careers,” Mercantini mentioned. “We created it to maximize the flexibility for students to really give them the most opportunity to take courses that were of interest of them.”

This program is truly unique, and based on those who attended the event, many were pleased with what the college is offering. From the tabling alone, students have already transferred into this new major. With the program ready to go, one can start pursuing the major in the spring 2022 semester. 

“The program is up and running. I'm working with students now, advising them on various things so students can start in the program today if they want to,” Dr. Daniel-Robinson said. “So, it's up to whenever they [students] want to start it. It's a good thing to start as soon as possible.” 

If students are interested, they are free to email Dr. Daniel-Robinson or to learn more about this innovative program. 

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Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

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