Congratulations to the Freshmen class of 2025 Student Government

Now Welcoming the Class of 2025 Student Government

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Congratulations to the Freshmen class of 2025 Student Government
Get ready for the Class of 2024 Elections.
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Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

With the first semester at Kean halfway done, the time for student elections is upon us and everyone is eager to be back in person for this event. The class of 2025 are bright new faces on campus who can not wait to dive right into campus life and utilize student government to enact change in the community. The freshman class elections are the perfect place for these students to get involved and make sure that their voices and the ones of their peers are heard. 

All freshmen are eligible to vote for their freshmen class. The voting took place via Cougar Link,  on Nov. 3 at 9 a.m. to Nov 4. at 4 p.m. Shortly after the elections closed the results were announced for the students to see. Following election results the members of student government can now begin their plans for the rest of the school year. 

The results of the Freshmen election are as follows: 

  • President- Mackenzie Kuntz 

  • Vice President- Joey Ippolito 

  • Treasurer- Isha Patel 

  • Secretary- Shane Gagnon 

  • Senators- Blake Bomersbach, Natalie Vega, Angel Ihie, and Alex Mierzwa 

Jeremiah Monterio, sophomore class president and Ranaysia Burrell, executive board secretary explained, “Currently, the deadline has passed for the election but if there are still spots available, Student Government Association will inform Freshmen students on any vacancy spots after the election.” 

For this specific election, only freshmen are allowed to vote and they can find the ballot available on Cougar Link. Freshmen have been campaigning all over campus for the past couple months, encouraging their fellow peers to also spread the word about the freshmen elections. 

The guidelines to be a candidate for the elections include: 

  • Show that you are a leader

  • Have a passion for making the Kean Community better for everyone on campus

  • Experience in leadership positions

  • Good academic standing

Monterio and Burrell said, “Overall the main responsibilities of being part of the Student Government Association is making sure that we serve all students at Kean University. Everything that we do and plan is for the students and to make sure everyone's college experience is the best it could be!”

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