The Exploration of Majors and Minors

Kean students look to find their desired major and minor at the 2021 exploration fair

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The Exploration of Majors and Minors
Students attended the 2021 Major Minor Exploration Fair in the Miron Student Center Attrium
Photo Courtesy of Taylor Battle
Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

Attention all cougars, it’s time to explore different major or minors. The School of General Studies and Center for Advertising, Persistence and Success hosted an exploration fair to help students find the major or minor that is right for them. 

On Oct. 18, organizations set up tables representing their department. With so many different programs and departments, the event had to expand to three different campus locations. The fair was located in the Miron Student Center Atrium, the first floor of the Center for Academic Success and in the Nancy Thompson Learning Common. 

Between 3:15 and 4:30 p.m., students eagerly went across campus, looking to find a possible major or minor that would fit their needs. With more than 50 undergraduate majors offered at Kean, there was no shortage to the amount of available opportunities.

The exploration fair is intended to show the educational offerings provided at Kean. First-year, sophomores, juniors, transfers and undecided students visited different tables with the purpose of finding the best option for their educational pursuits, specifically in time for registration. 

“The primary goal is to prepare students for the advising period, which is quickly approaching and expose them to all of the great programs and opportunities that Kean has to offer” stated Gwen Beloti, Coordinator of Transition to Kean.

Like many faculty and staff here at the university, Beloti notices the importance of education and aims to help students move forward in their scholastic endeavors. By hosting this event, Beloti wanted to help the Kean community prepare for their futures.

“Oftentimes students have questions about registration, who their advisor is and how to prepare for the next semester,” Beloti commented. “So, this is a way to kick that off. It's great because we have representation from every single academic college on campus.” 

At the event, all six of the undergraduate colleges were in attendance and enthusiastically helped those who attended. The six colleges include:

·      College of Business and Public Management

·     College of Education

·     College of Liberal Arts

·     The Dorothy and George Hennings College of Science, Mathematics and Technology 

·     Michael Graves College, Architecture and Design 

·     New Jersey Center for Science, Technology and Mathematics 

In order to help students, prepare for their advising periods, representatives were present at their designated tables. Advisors, along with helpful volunteers, answered questions and concerns, helpfully easing the minds of worried scholars.

“It is very important that we have a representative from every single major and every single minor,” commented Beloti. “You know, we're always talking about Kean and having all these great academic programs, but we want to make sure that there's one time in one place that students can connect with any of those.”

The major minor exploration fair has transpired for many years and continues to lead students towards different academic pathways. With fairs such as these, the Kean community shows their continued dedication to their education and future careers. 

“To be here today in person, everyone wearing their masks, safely engaging with each other, I think is really special,” Beloti said. “It shows how much academics matter to the students because it wasn’t required but they showed up anyway.”

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Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

Taylor Battle is a junior pursuing a major in English with a writing option. Taylor joined The Cougar’s Byte in Spring 2021 with the position of a Staff Writer. She has a passion for the arts including music, art, literature and theater. She also is dedicated to helping her fellow colleagues to the best of her abilities. After graduating Kean, Taylor inspires to start a career in either journalism or publication.