Calling All Freshmen Cougars!

Kean upperclassmen gives incoming freshmen advice on how to navigate college

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Calling All Freshmen Cougars!

Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

The 2021 freshmen class at Kean is very lucky to be able to enjoy their first year on campus after such a grueling year and a half online. This however, does not prevent them from having their own challenges as they try to adjust to college and life on campus. To provide some advice and helpful tips from those who were once in these freshmen’s shoes, an upperclassmen offered her words of wisdom. 

One of the more difficult decisions freshmen have to make is if they want to dorm on campus or if they want to commute. Those who are coming in from out of state have no choice but to dorm because the commute is too out of their way but those in state can decide what works best for them. 

As students work their way through their college experience, there are things that will be picked up along the way. How to manage time, stay focused and take care of oneself are some of the things that students develop skills in as they explore the independence of college. 

Nyya Harris .jpg

Kean University Senior Nyya Harris

“Some important things I have learned in my time at Kean are the importance of mental health and knowing your strength. Knowing how strong you are and how smart you are. Knowing that some nights you wanted to give up and you kept going” said Nyya Harris, senior and communication/media and film major. 

Utilizing the wise words from older peers and staff is always a benefit of underclassmen because they have experience not only with their college, but with being on their own for the first time. Navigating college alone is stressful and scary but it is so much more than school, students grow up during their time on campus. 

The connections made at college are some of the most important bonds one will make in their lifetime. These are the people students will carry with them long after graduation is over and they start their lives in the world. These friendships and connections are also some of the biggest influences students will have in college. 

Harris talked about her influences, “My mom and my boyfriend have influenced me the most at Kean/in college. They have been my support system all four years of college and have kept me up when I was feeling down” said Harris. 

College is some of the best years of one's life, where students form long lasting connections and grow into their adult selves. It may seem like it will last forever but these next four years will go fast, so enjoy them! 

Have a wonderful first year cougars!

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Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

Jaclyn Lukas is an English major with a concentration in writing. She joined The Cougar’s Byte staff in Spring 2021. After her time at Kean, Jaclyn hopes to start her professional career in publishing for books or newspapers/magazines.