Getting Involved in 2022

The Center for Leadership and Service is holding the 2022 Student Involvement and Employment Fair on Feb. 2

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Getting Involved in 2022
The Student Involvement and Employment Fair is a great place to learn how to get involved on campus.
Photo Courtesy of the Center for Leadership and Service
Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

Students may be wondering how to get more involved on campus for the spring semester. If so, get ready to check that off your list. The Center for Leadership and Service is helping students get involved by holding a Student Involvement and Employment Fair. If students want to learn what Kean has to offer, then this is a good place to start. 

“It’s important for students, especially new students because this is an opportunity to find organizations that fit your interest,” Caroline Antonio, coordinator for student involvement said. 

The Student Involvement and Employment Fair is a tabling event that showcases many different organizations and clubs. The fair will also have different Kean departments in attendance. At the fair, students are sure to find employment opportunities, clubs that match their interest and the ability to make useful connections. 

“The actual involvement fair will take place on Feb. 2,” said Madison Dymond, involvement specialist. “During this time all of the organizations will physically be present to promote the importance of joining their organization and will discuss what opportunities students can gain from being part of their organization.”

The fair will be held in the Miron Student Center from 12 to 4 p.m. Since it will be inside all participants must wear their masks at all times. If students can’t make it to the event on Feb. 2, then they can attend any of the other tabling events that are happening throughout the month. While it won’t be as grand as the main fair, there will be an involvement table that is eager to help students get involved. 

“It's important to have a variety of tables present at our event because they represent the diversity that is within our student body pertaining to culture, interests and educational background,” Antonio mentioned. “We have a diverse campus. So, when we send out our sign-up sheet, we make sure that it is open to everyone who would like to participate.” 

The Student Involvement and Employment Fair will have more than 40 organizations in attendance. Some of the clubs and departments that will be there include: 

“Clubs and organizations get the chance to reach more individuals and to showcase what they have to offer and all that they are involved in,” said Dymond. Dymond also adds that organizations and departments that are at the fair can help students find opportunities that can help them “get the most out of the college experience.”

The sign-up sheet is still available for any organizations who want to participate in the event. The deadline for organizations to sign up is on Jan. 28. If anyone has any questions about the fair, they are free to email Caroline Antonio for more information. For those who want to attend the event and find ways to get involved,  they can RSVP on Cougar Link

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