The Importance of Internships

Career Services shows Kean why internships are Important

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The Importance of Internships
Career Services is here to help Kean Universirty students secure an internship.
Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

Internships are a great way for getting a foot into the door of success. However, many are unaware of what to do and how to start. Thankfully, Career Services is here to help all Kean University students secure an internship that will prepare them for their future. At the Internship Information Session, Career Services taught scholars everything there is to know about securing an internship.

Career Services is the best place to go when it comes to finding a career after college. The department is determined to prepare students for their professions by having various workshops. Some of these sessions can be resume building, mock-interviews and learning important job skills.

On Thursday, Jan. 20, Career Services held an hour-long session to inform Kean students about finding, applying and registering for an internship. Over the zoom call, members of Career Services gathered together to host a presentation. The session provided a lot of information about important websites, when to apply and the importance of getting an internship.

“The benefit of securing an internship really guarantees career success and even good standing for when you actually graduate,” said Laureen Delance, managing assistant director of internships for Career Services. 

To open the presentation, Career Services showed a video of past Kean students who have been successful due to their internship experiences. Many of the alumni interned at companies such as Mastercard, Verizon Wireless and Boys and Girls Clubs of America. In fact, by having an internship at the company, many were offered a full-time position. Most of the students who interned at a business are currently working in the same place.

“When we are saying that internships are a new interview, we're encouraging you to recognize the experience is an ongoing interview experience for you,” Delance said. 

As well as having experience in the field, internships can provide more than one thinks. An internship can result in the pupil gaining valuable work skills, network experience and a strong reference list. The session emphasizes that internship can really help students get a hands-on experience that can help them build a career.

“Finding jobs and internships are very much about building relationships,” said Paul Casey, managing assistant director of internships. 

After learning the benefits, students were given a step-by-step tutorial of how to use the College Central Portal. This website allows students to see internships opportunities and to recieve college credit for it if they desire. Casey also mentioned that companies can post internships on sites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed. It is strongly encouraged that students use these sources to find opportunities that best suit them and their needs.

If anyone needs help preparing for their future, students are free to visit Career Services. The department is located in Room 201 of the Center for Academic Success. Students can also reach out and ask questions by emailing them at

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Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

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