Greek Life at Kean University

Kean University starts off spring 2022 learning more about our Greeks!

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Greek Life at Kean University
Students, Staff and Alumni attended Meet the Greeks on Wednesday, Feb. 2.
Alexis Balkissoon, Staff Writer

The spring semester is here and in full force! Kean University students are getting adjusted to their classes and acclimating themselves into the college routine for a successful semester.

Getting involved on campus can be a nerve-racking experience but Kean hosts tons of events throughout the semester for students to become more familiar with their interests, one in particular is Meet the Greeks.

Meet the Greeks was held on Wednesday, Feb. 2 in the Miron Student Center Atrium and Greek Lounge, where all of our Greek organizations were able to showcase and provide additional information about their organizations and chapters to all who attended.

Greek Life is a social organization that students can join if interested. It is an amazing way to get involved on campus, meet new people, help out our local community and create a family fellowship with many people in these organizations.

Greek Life has an important element of brotherhood, sisterhood and most importantly support between all. Greek organizations also include scholarship and leadership opportunities.

At this event, students were able to walk around and socialize with each fraternity and sorority to learn more about their backgrounds and history. The organizations that attended Meet the Greeks are the following: 

  • Alpha Phi Alpha

  • Sigma Beta Chi

  • Tau Kappa Epsilon

  • Nu Delta Pi

  • Lambda Theta Alpha 

  • Sigma Gamma Rho

  • Lambda Theta Phi

  • Zeta Phi Beta

  • Phi Beta Sigma

  • Sigma Beta Tau

  • Nu Theta Chi

  • Lambda Tau Omega

  • Gamma Psi Epsilon

  • Lambda Sigma Upsilon

  • Kappa Beta Gamma

  • Omega Epsilon Rho

  • Delta Phi Epsilon

  • Mu Sigma Upsilon

  • Nu Sigma Phi

  • Lambda Delta Chi

  • Chi Upsilon Sigma

  • Theta Phi Alpha

  • Lambda Upsilon Lambda

While there are many more organizations a part of Greek Life on campus, each fraternity and sorority were able to discuss what being a part of Greek Life meant to them.

Senior and member of Omega Epsilon Rho, Yasmeen Khan explained “Overall I have gained confidence."

Additionally, Khan was able to make many new relationships along the way. Khan stated that she had always wanted to join, but never had the time until she was reached by a member and immediately became family.

Senior and member of Omega Epsilon Rho, Romelah Donazal reported that “It shaped me into the person I am and has helped me mentally and emotionally.”

Donazal continued, she had also always wanted to join, but could never figure out the starting point. Until she was introduced to Omega Epsilon Rho, it was an extremely welcoming experience.

Luis Rivera, senior and member of Lambda Theta Phi, emphasized that “Brotherhood is an important thing.” 

Rivera also built many relationships and mentioned that his best friend is one of his fraternity brothers. Being involved at a local high school has gotten Rivera to become open to joining a fraternity and began explaining the beginning of brotherhood and how it has expanded onto their own community in an amazing way. 

President and junior, Ethan Jimenez of Sigma Beta Tau, expressed that joining a fraternity was “The best decision I have ever made!”

Furthermore, he added Sigma Beta Tau was one of the only fraternities that offered a scholarship which helped Jimenez decrease his tuition. 

“When people say a fraternity is a brotherhood, it’s an understatement" said Jimenez.

Four members of the Nu Delta Phi fraternity, Vice President Brandon Miles, Reshad Richards, Antwain Hutchinson, and Bryan Velez expressed that they were all able to create a family bond within this fraternity.

Moreover, it has allowed them to achieve many community service hours, foster new connections and have a strong brotherhood.

Tariq Williams, president of Phi Beta Sigma and Greek Senate explained that “My experience in my fraternity has been great, it has helped me open my eyes in looking at the world in a different light.”

“It changed my college career the more work I did with my organization and seeing the people in my organization doing what I aspire to do, only assured me that [what I want] is achievable and gave me the different tools and outlets on how to achieve it" said Williams.

Students who were unable to attend this event, but would still like to learn more about joining Greek Life can check out these options.

One can visit the Center for Leadership and Service in the Miron Student Center, Room 219 or email for more information. Also following @keangreeks on Instagram for upcoming events.