Kean Designers Take The Win

Four Kean Design Students won the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program Competition

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Kean Designers Take The Win
Four Kean students won the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program competition. The winners (left to right) are Tianna Jonas, Yohanny Capellan, Ana Carolina Mitchell, and Alicia Novoa.
Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

Congratulations to our Kean students who have won the Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP). This competition was competitive and challenging, but our fellow pupils worked through these tribulations and have come out on top. 

In this competition, four of our Kean design students were declared winners. The four winners of the MAIP are as follows:

  • Yohanny Capellan, BFA: Graphic Design, graduated in Dec. 2021
  • Tianna Jonas, Senior in BFA: Graphic Design
  • Ana Carolina Mitchell, Junior in BFA: Advertising
  • Alicia Novoa, Junior in BFA: Advertising

“When I opened my offer letter from Barkley in Kansas City, MO. I felt extremely emotional,” Yohanny Capellan said about winning the competition. “I felt a sense of hope for my career and was also excited to embark on a different journey already as a graduate student.” 

“Not only was I hand-picked to be part of such a huge opportunity for a student of color such as myself, but I was chosen by an agency that so perfectly reflects what I value as a woman in the design industry,” said Tianna Jonas.

The MAIP is a program determined to showcase and contribute to the advertising, marketing and entertainment industry. Organizations from all over are able to find individuals who share the same values and interest as their companies. The program is known across many colleges and universities, which is how many learn about this initiative. 

“I first heard about the MAIP fellowship back in September through my advertising professor Deborah Ceballos who talked highly of the program, emphasizing how much MAIP is able to transform your life in the advertising industry for better,” said Alicia Novoa. “I instantly knew I was going to put in the time and effort to do what was necessary in order to be accepted into a fellowship position.”

This competition is known for being competitive and involves a lot of hard work and dedication. This task can easily be challenging when students have to balance the work of their application and the work of their courses. Despite the difficulties, our Kean students managed to do it all. 

“The process was pretty grueling. However, the biggest challenge I faced was learning how to balance my time between all of my other studio classes and the application itself,” said Novoa. “Essentially, I treated the application as though it was another class and I was able to prioritize and get the job done!”

In this competition, students had to meet many requirements. Applicants were required to include a video component, find creative solutions to problems, include a collection of essays as well as letters of recommendations. Students also needed to create a portfolio showing off their unique designs and projects. 

“As a graphic designer, the application process gave me a chance to show off my portfolio,” said Jonas. “If I could describe my portfolio in one word it would be ‘experimental’. My portfolio site is a variety of colors, strange shapes and striking characters with as much spunk and attitude as I can fit in them!” 

“My work was culturally inclusive, and I promoted unity in all my projects,” Capellan explained about her portfolio work. “I would also describe it as authentic, being that I made sure I incorporated things that represented me in my design strategy. For example, the project NAISkin was inspired by a skincare brand business I own, and its campaign was both in English and Spanish.”

Winners of the competition have the opportunity to intern at a top advertising agency and the chance to be hired full time. Past Kean MAIP winners have been offered full-time positions at companies such as The Refinery, R/GA, Deutsch L.A. and more. This program gives our winners a chance for success in their futures. 

“Since being accepted some of the goals I have set for myself are to network as much as possible, produce work I am proud to put on my portfolio and just enjoy the process overall,” said Novoa. 

“My goal is to make the best out of this opportunity!” said Capellan. “I want to start this program with a student mentality and learn as much as I can, not just from my internship, but also from the other MAIP fellows and the professionals in the advertising/marketing industry. My goal is to land a full-time offer at the end of this program and just continue evolving as I learn more about myself.”

“Moving forward, I hope to hone my management and leadership skills, so that I may in the near future become an effective art director for my fellow designers and a role model for the generations to come,” said Jonas.

Congratulations once again to our Kean designers and we hope you have a successful future!

about the author

Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

Taylor Battle is a junior pursuing a major in English with a writing option. Taylor joined The Cougar’s Byte in Spring 2021 with the position of a Staff Writer. She has a passion for the arts including music, art, literature and theater. She also is dedicated to helping her fellow colleagues to the best of her abilities. After graduating Kean, Taylor inspires to start a career in either journalism or publication.