Here's to Our Women!

Learn About How Kean Is Celebrating Our Women

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Here's to Our Women!
Photo courtesy of Kean University's Instagram
Alexis Balkissoon, Staff Writer

As Kean University celebrates Women’s history month, many events on campus are yet to take place in honor of our women. March is the month in order for our women around the world to be noticed and uplifted in everything they achieve daily. Women on campus are being celebrated with upcoming events held by many different organizations throughout the month of March.

Curator's Notes will be held at the Miron Student Center in Room 228 at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, Mar. 31. Join the Human Rights Institute in a poetry reading with Robin Rosen Cheng about a text that explores individual feminine identities and how they are shaped by mythologies. 

Cristiana Rodrigues, a junior and elementary education major, speaks about how she feels about Women’s history month being acknowledged around campus and an event that empowered her as a woman. 

“It’s really cool that Kean is acknowledging Women’s History Month. There are so many incredible women that have done and continue to do incredible things to make this world a better place. It’s so important that we create the space to provide information and resources on these women.” Additionally Rodrigues expands on her feelings about being a woman on campus and states “women and people, in general, need to feel safe on a college campus.” 

Rodrigues goes on to describe an event that empowered her personally. “A women’s empowerment moment that inspired me was how in one of my English literature classes last semester, all the girls were standing up for the women in the play “Trifles”. We were so passionate about it and my professor, who was a male, just continued to lift us up. He saw how passionate we were and he was right there with us.” 

Rodrigues’s class was filled with nothing but laughter with one another because each student was able to understand one another creating such a beautiful experience altogether. Furthermore, Rodrigues's professor uplifting the women in his class created a moment of gratitude all around to each peer.

Sisters from Lambda Tau Omega sorority incorporated began speaking about their thoughts and emotions about Kean University celebrating Women’s History Month. 

Nallely Martinez and Shelsea Araujo both reported that it is amazing to see Kean being able to finally “celebrate us as women and [acknowledging] our accomplishments.” 

“It is great to see the effort.” added Martinez. 

Additionally, both sisters were able to speak upon an experience they had that empowered them as women. 

Martinez explained how their sorority had a brunch and “seeing so many women in one room and seeing so many backgrounds while enjoying their company” was an empowering moment for Martinez. 

Araujo stated spending time with the sisters and “being around strong and independent women” was her moment for empowerment as a woman. 

As the month of women continues, many will pursue to learn about the history of this month and empower women everyday of the year as they continuously strive for greatness in their own way.