Unity Week Presents Queen Naija

Here's a recap of Kean Students enjoying R&B with Queen Naija

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Unity Week Presents Queen Naija
Photo Courtesy of Kean SGA Instagram
Alexis Balkissoon, Staff Writer

Unity Week at Kean University was held during the first few weeks of April. The university hosted various events for students to join and participate in. Unity Week was originally created in 1997 by the student leaders in a leadership retreat sponsored by student organization and the division of students affairs. 

The purpose behind Unity Week is to bring students, administrators, faculty and staff together. In addition to celebrating the title of diversity, inclusion, our community and enjoy the presence of one another.

On April 6, the Unity Week concert took place featuring Queen Naija. 

Queen Naija is a singer, mother and Youtuber from Detroit who initially found fame because of her song “Medicine.” Queen Naija has traveled to many different states performing and Kean being one of them was a great experience for all of our Kean students.

Tickets were selling a minute after it was posted by Kean University's student government association and seats were filled the night of the concert. Tickets were sold at $10 per person and the event was for only Kean University students.

Queen Naija took the stage singing multiple of her hit songs. As the audience sang along, it was a feeling of students coming together to enjoy a night of R&B. The feeling of unity that was in the air as everybody sang along to “Karma”, “Butterflies”, "Butterflies pt. 2”, “Medicine” and “One Time” all by Queen Naija. 

The audience also applauded Queen's backup dancers and band, as they did an amazing job setting the tone and vibe of the whole concert, dancing and playing in tune altogether.  

Towards the end of the concert, Kean students lined up outside in order to see the departure of Queen Naija as she left.

We hope that all students were able to enjoy Unity Week by being able to create amazing memories with their friends as well as other students and attend events on campus.