On Your Mark, Get Set… Go!

Check out How the Kean Spring Sports Teams Have Been Doing This Season

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On Your Mark, Get Set… Go!
Good luck to all of the Kean Cougars participating in this Seasons Spring Sports!
Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

As the weather continues to get warmer, spring sports at Kean are in full swing. With all of our athletics currently having more wins than losses, we have had a successful spring season and only plan on continuing this streak. All of the sports involved have been putting so much hard work and effort into this season, so let’s meet them! 

The teams that are apart of the spring season include: 

  • Men Lacrosse 

  • Women’s Lacrosse 

  • Softball 

  • Baseball 

These teams have been doing amazing so far and they still have a little over 20 more games to go, for our cougar’s to show off their skills. Men’s lacrosse is 3-1, women’s lacrosse is 3-3, softball is 14-4, and baseball is 13-4. 

Having been CSAC Champions last year, the men’s lacrosse team expects to keep that title and return to the NCAA championships. Unfortunately, a few injuries have caused some setbacks for the team earlier in the season but with their "The Next Guy Up" mentality, allows for other players to step up when one is down! 

The men’s Lacrosse coach, Coach Sheiner explained, “We always work well together. The culture within the men's lacrosse program is really strong. It sounds cliché to say we are a family but we really are a strong cohesive group from our players to my assistant coaches who are all Kean alumni like myself.” 

Women’s lacrosse is killing it! After having two seasons heavily impacted by COVID, the team is more than happy to be together again in the locker rooms and have a more “normal” experience, back on the field. As every team does, women’s lacrosse has their challenges but they have pulled together on and off the field to support one another. 

“I have expected a lot from this team because we have a lot of experience. There have been many tests so far this season. We have fared better in some than others. Overall, I have been happy with the progress we have made on the field. We are really focusing on getting better everyday!” Said the women’s Lacrosse coach, B.J. Johnson. 

With their goal being to make it to Iowa for the World Series in June, Kean’s baseball team is well on their way to doing so. Suffering some adversity, as is a part of any season, overcoming it is something that the baseball team is proudly doing as they take over the rest of the season. So far, the team has been performing well in all aspects of the game. 

The baseball team's pitcher and senior, Collin Kiernan said, “The team has been able to work together real well. Our chemistry together is awesome, we all compete for each other and have one another’s backs during any circumstance.” 

Having benefited from returning players and the addition of new talents on the field, Kean’s Softball team has had a wonderful season so far. Between traveling down South for spring break and being back on the field without restrictions, these women are more than happy to be back and playing. 

“It's been a great group to watch. They definitely have come together both on and off the field.  They understand the importance of  playing together and working hard at all times.” Said by Kean’s softball coach, Margie Acker. 

With things now open and without restriction, these teams have been able to flourish this season, giving them the best opportunities they can for this season. We have seen the spring sports do amazingly thus far and we can only hope to continue to see such amazing work, on and off the field. 

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Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer


Jaclyn Lukas is an English major with a concentration in writing. She joined The Cougar’s Byte staff in Spring 2021. After her time at Kean, Jaclyn hopes to start her professional career in publishing for books or newspapers/magazines.