The Votes Are In!

The New E-Board for the 2022-23 Student Government Association Has Arrived

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The Votes Are In!

The results are in for this year’s Student Government Association e-board. With many anticipating the wait, students can finally learn who will be running the Student Government Association in the future. 

Student Government Association (SGA) is an organization that represents the enhancement of growth and education for the student body. By collaborating and developing as a team, the SGA strives to maintain an environment where students can safely express themselves within their education and community.

On Apr. 20, The SGA announced the electoral results through a post on their Instagram page. On this post, all of electoral positions were listed for the upcoming year. 

Many of the newly elected council decided to share their experience with the election process.

Benjamin Lorenc, newly elected junior class president, mentions how his past experience motivated him to run for his current position. 

“During the 2021-22 year, I served as the Vice President for the Class of 2024 branch of the SGA! I loved what I did and knew that I wanted to do even more in the following year,” said Lorenc. 

During his election process, Lorenc was running against an opponent he was well familiar with. Even though Lorenc superseded his opponent, he knew the SGA would have done great things, even if he lost. 

“I know my opponent is a hard-working, dedicated woman who is involved with many different programs at Kean! We both care deeply about the community as a whole, and I knew regardless of the outcome of the election, that Kean would be in good hands for next year.” said Lorenc. 

Lorenc, like the other members, was ecstatic to learn of his victory. While it was unexpected, the way he learned was truly unforgettable. 

“I work some evenings as an Intern with the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office and was helping take part in their Civilian’s Academy,” explained Lorenc. “Within a half hour, after checking Cougar Link incessantly, I received a text from a good friend of mine who had seen the results. I jumped up and shrieked in pleasure when I read what his text said: "Congrats, Mr. President!"

As Junior Class President, Lorenc hopes to improve the lifestyle of Kean University for all of its students. With college being an important part of the community members’ lives, Lorenc hopes to advance student educations and opportunities. 

“I see all of Kean as more than a school, it’s a living, breathing community,” said Lorenc. “My goal is to first and foremost help members of the student body prepare for their future careers through a variety of programs. Secondly, I want to host events and activities that will bring us all closer together, and to help strengthen an already amazing community of diverse and wonderful students.” 

Maheen Saeed, newly senior class vice president, is equally excited to start his position within the SGA. Saeed heard about the elections through his previous position of being a senator for SGA this past academic semester.

“I was the only one running for Vice President for the senior class and honestly it felt great having to know I had no competition because it left me with no stress,” Saeed mentions about his electoral process.

Saeed has many hopes for Kean University and is already planning for the next semester. With his past experience with the SGA, he is hoping to use his position to continue bringing fulfillment to students such as himself so that they can complete their college experience to the greatest capacity.

“By being the Vice President for the Senior Class, I plan to fulfill these goals by helping create great events and learning how to navigate time management for the future,” said Saeed. “I believe this position will give me more confidence to help me through the application processes.” 

The new SGA e-board are excited to enhance life at Kean University for their student body. Congratulations to the newly elected who are sure to help our community improve as a whole. 

“I look forward to serving our Cougars next year!” said Lorenc.