Kean Gets Physical

Kean students attend roller skating event on campus.

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Kean Gets Physical
Kean students enjoy roller skating on the Miron Student Center Field.
Natalia Andeliz

On Monday, Aug. 29, Kean students gathered in the Miron Student Center Field to participate in one of the many Jump into Kean activities. Many students from all grades attended a night filled with smores, smoothies, and the main attraction: The Roller Skating Rink. 

The Jump into Kean event was a fun and active way to get the students out and about after move-ins. The event went from 8 to 11 p.m. and all students were able to get in using their event pass.

“So many activities helped me connect with others and I hope to go to more events like this to meet even more people!” stated Terri Taylor, an incoming freshman when asked about how the Jump into Kean activity had gone so far.

Many students had moved in just the day before, making the event an easy way to meet their peers and have fun. While roller skating and spending quality time with peers, students had the opportunity to share how they felt the week had gone so far. A new member of the Kean community Julian Basalatan, global business major, had the chance to share his thoughts on the activity.

“I got the opportunity to leave my room and meet new people, the staff really helped me feel welcome,” said Basalatan.

The night was filled with joy and socializing. While there were some who skated, there was much more to do including making s’mores, ordering a smoothie pouch, sitting by the fire, and listening to the DJ. The active part of the event brought together many students from different grades and places. Like Basalatan, Davida Alford, an incoming freshman, also said he felt welcomed.

“It is so warm, positive and the environment here is so welcoming,” said Alford.

Alford came to the event because he wanted to meet people and believed this was the best way. 

So many students, staff, and even alumni came out to see the amazing night packed with so much excitement and enthusiasm.