Freshmen Finding Their Way

Kean University Freshmen express how they are adapting to campus life.

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Freshmen Finding Their Way
Incoming students walking on campus during New Student Orientation.
Natalia Andeliz

Life as a college freshman can be hard, especially in a new environment surrounded by all new people. Kean University's incoming freshman class is the biggest one in history with about 4,000 new students enrolled. With so many newcomers, students are trying out new ways to adapt to this new stage in their life.

At Kean, incoming students are required to take Transition to Kean. This course helps people transition to college life while also being surrounded by peers going through the same issues that they are experiencing. During the course, students had the opportunity to share how they are adapting to campus life so far. 

“The campus is amazing, I like the freedom and how my schedule curates me," said Freshman Alyona Kladova. "I enjoy the food options and talking to new people and seeing new perspectives."

Kean’s campus is perfect for new students to find their way because there is so much to love like nature, the surrounding cities, buildings, and the great food options. Things like this help students feel more welcomed on campus.

“I like living on campus and like the scenery here. I enjoy going on walks," said Entrepreneur Major Iryana Patton. "Before I wouldn't go on walks or do my work outside. But here I have a desire to get out and everyone here is so inviting.”

Raquel Castaneda, a freshman studying business management, also shares her transition to Kean University. One way that Castaneda is adapting to college is by making friends.

"I have made so many friends including my GEM and being involved has been my favorite part because I have met so many people who have helped me with literally everything. The [upper class] students have given me so much support.”  said Castaneda.

It is a lot for one person to get used to, but that is why Kean University puts in the effort to prepare new students. By having dailty activities, opportunities to meet new people, and courses designed for the transition, Kean shows its dedication to its students.