Breaking the Ice

New transfer students are welcomed to Kean University during Transfer Student Orientation.

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Breaking the Ice
Kean University President Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D. welcomes transfer students at orientation.
Taylor Battle, Staff Writer , Alexis Balkissoon, Staff Writer , Jean Gardere , Fajr Eutsey , Arianna Barry and Natalia Andeliz

On August 25, new transfer students were welcomed by our Kean community during their student orientation. At the North Avenue Academic Building, transfer students from all over attended presentations, participated in workshops, and socialized with their new classmates.

The Transfer Student Orientation is a welcoming ceremony for those who chose Kean University to continue their academic journey. Before the orientation began at 11 a.m, students were able to check-in and get to know each other. 

“First and foremost I want them to feel welcomed,” stated Kerrin Lyles, assistant vice president for student affairs. “We want to be able to provide them with some resources so that on their first day it won’t be so hard.” 

With new students entering campus many aren’t aware of the various Starbucks locations located in the Nancy Thompson Library, across the street near Hynes Hall, and in our Green Lane Academic Building. 

During check-in, transfer students had the opportunity to share facts about themselves including their favorite drinks from Starbucks. One new member of the Kean community, Nadyr Loo, biology for health profession major, spoke about her personal favorite drink. 

“I like the iced matcha latte right now,” Loo said. 

Loo transferred to Kean after being enlisted for a year. Loo chose Kean University because of its location and its quick commute from her job and family. 

Ciara Perez, a liberal arts student, chose Kean University for its Education Program. Like Loo, Perez also shared her go-to Starbucks order. 

“Iced Caramel Macchiato,” said Perez. 

Pink Drink is another Starbucks refreshment and happens to be the favorite of Cynthia Lopez, first-year transfer student. Lopez revealed why she made the decision to transfer to Kean.

“It was always my first choice,” Lopez said.

Human Resources Major, Samreen Saeed also shared her reason for choosing Kean University.

“I chose Kean because it's not too big of a college…it's not too far from home and the management department is pretty good,” said Saeed. When speaking of Starbucks, Saeed prefers Strawberry Açaí Refreshers. 

As the transfer students wrap up their orientation day, they are excited to start their journey here at Kean. Kean staff and peers are here to welcome all new students with open arms. 

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Taylor Battle, Staff Writer

Taylor Battle is a junior pursuing a major in English with a writing option. Taylor joined The Cougar’s Byte in Spring 2021 with the position of a Staff Writer. She has a passion for the arts including music, art, literature and theater. She also is dedicated to helping her fellow colleagues to the best of her abilities. After graduating Kean, Taylor inspires to start a career in either journalism or publication.