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Kean students share their favorite locations on campus.

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Spot the Spot
Students enjoying their time at the Game Room.
Jean Gardere

Many locations exist on Kean University's Union campus. Locations where students, commuters and residents alike, can hangout and relax in between classes. 

But what are the more popular locations on campus? The Starbucks at Nancy Thompson Library seems to be one of the locations on everyone’s mind.

“The music here is cool, and the ambience,” according to Nohlani Munoz. Munoz is a freshman majoring in theater. 

Starbucks is Munoz’s go to studying destination because “everyone here is quiet” and she appreciates the lack of noise. This area is also the favorite studying location of Veronica White, a senior at Kean University studying psychology. 

“I can meet up with my friends and get a lot of homework done,” said White. 

The Game Room, located at the Miron Student Center, was a clear favorite for Kean’s students and for good reason. The Game Room houses dozens of different activities from table tennis to video games. 

Soraia Rodrigues, a sophomore math education K-12 major, is a fan of the Game Room because she can make new friends there. She also uses the background noise to help study. 

Rodrigues believes that the Game Room is “a good spot, especially for freshmen.” Rodrigues was able to meet upperclassmen at the Game Room who helped her get acclimated to Kean University. 

“I met seniors, juniors [and] sophomores as well, and they [taught] me a lot of stuff here,” said Rodrigues. 

Yet another fan of the Game Room was Junior Brian Seda. He is currently undecided as far as his major goes, but is forming his interests as he continues his journey at Kean. 

“Everyone here wants to socialize,” said Seda. “...and I think the Game Room is a good place for it. There are board games, video games, [and] you can bond [and] make yourself a friend group.” 

Finally, the Nancy Thompson Library was also a favorite location for students. Melanie Melo, a freshman business administration major, was one of those students.

“In the library, I can see so many books and read, and I can talk to my friends and [drink] some tea and coffee,” said Melo. 

Christelle Philemon is another fan of the library, specifically the second floor quiet area. She thinks the second floor is a “ good place to study and take a break.” Philemon is a freshman studying theater. 

This barely scratches the surface of the many spots here on campus. Hopefully, students new to campus will give one of these locations a visit the next time they are around.