What Would You Pick?

Kean students were asked their preferences on every day decisions.

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What Would You Pick?
Kean students living their life on campus.
Natalia Andeliz

In one day a person has to make a lot of different decisions, both big and small. Making choices is something everyone has to do, including students at Kean.

For college, students have to make decisions for everything they do. Between choosing classes, what they eat for lunch and where they do their school work, students have a lot of decisions to make. Another important choice is whether people register for morning or night classes.

“I prefer night classes because I love sleeping in and waking up at 2 p.m.,” said Adrian Ceedeno.

Generally, the time of day for classes depends on whether students identify as an early bird or night owl. Some prefer morning courses so they can have the rest of the day to themselves. Others prefer later classes because they feel more productive at night.

Kean provides students with a varierty of food options on campus. However, sometimes students like to visit the eateries on the other side of Morris Avenue. In the Shoppes at Vermella Union, some popular food places include Panera Bread and Chipotle Mexican Grill.

“I like Chipotle way better because I am able to customize my food to how I like it,”  Justina Dejesus said.

While in class, many write notes as they can be imperative to passing exams. There are different ways to take notes, mainly by typing or by writing.

“I like typing my notes because I can type faster than I can write,” said Dejesus.

"It can be a hard choice," Erick Bloom said. “I write my own notes because I feel like I am memorizing it more since I am writing them myself.”

Out of all the choices students make, one of the hardest decisions is whether to become a resident or a commuter. This is challenging for many becuase they have to consider finances, distance from campus, and if they want to be apart from family. Both Dejesus and Ceedeno are residents and greatly enjoy the experience.

Kean University strives to make all students feel comfortable on campus. All residential members have spacious dorms with amenities including free laundry, game rooms, study spaces, and community kitchens. There are seven residential halls on campus:

  • Bartlett Hall
  • Burch Hall
  • Cougar Hall
  • Freshman Residence Hall
  • New Upperclassman Residence Hall
  • Rogers Hall
  • Sozio Hall

College gives students the freedom and opportunity to grow as a person and give them control over their lives. It is important to make the best decisions so that students can be the absolute best version of themselves.