Meet Amir! Our Student Government Association President

Amir Gallashaw shares his experiences and motivations as the Student Government Association President.

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Meet Amir! Our Student Government Association President
Student Government Association President Amir Gallashaw.
Photo Courtesy of Amir Gallashaw

Arianna Barry

Leadership, what does it mean? To most it means being responsible, having empathy towards others, and inspiring those around them. Amir Gallashaw, president of Student Government Association possesses all of these qualities.

"I put myself in this position so I can get connected to different outlets," said Gallashaw. "I felt like doing student government would have opened a different outlet for me, for different connections, resources. The most important reason is that, over the years, I hear a lot of student concerns."

This position has helped Gallashaw connect with all in the Kean community, especially the students. Since joining, he has found many benefits within his new role.

“I’d say the biggest pros of this position is that you get on a board full of people completely unique and different from you. You learn different learning styles from them and you get to know genuine people," said Gallashaw.

Being a president of any organization can be stressful at times. Even when days are rough, Gallashaw conquers them by thinking about his family.

“Building generational wealth is a super big thing for me and my family," said Gallashaw. "Being a second generation to go to college is super important for my younger follow in my footsteps and set their own paths."

While family is imporatant to Gallashaw, he also looks up to Jason Pleitez, the former Student Government Association President. Pleitez has been very helpful to Gallashaw and his experience with the organization.

"I knew Jason since my freshman year. He introduced me to a lot of different things," said Gallashaw. "[I've seen] how Jason has projected himself through this university, [and] through a lot of different departments as well. Following in his footsteps and his path has definitely inspired me to be a better person.”

However, Pleitez is not his only role model. Gallashaw makes sure to surround himself with good and inspiring people.

"I only surround myself with people who are my role models. All my friends are my role models," Gallashaw said.

Everyone has their own goals for this semester, whether it be making new friends or doing better in classes. For the Student Government Association president, he aspires to earn A's in his courses and to acheive greatness in everything he does.

“I also wanna succeed in all my areas of involvement and try to bring tradition and change to each one,” says Gallashaw.

Gallashaw enjoys his involvement at Kean and aspires to do great things as president. For anyone looking to take over after Gallashaw's term, he has advice for potential canidates.

“Being coachable is a super helpful thing to have under your belt," Gallashaw said. "You’re going to meet a lot of new people, especially higher ups. It is intimidating at first but if you keep your composure and learn from them they can teach you a lot,” said Gallashaw.