Senior Advice to Freshmen

Seniors share a few words of wisdom to help freshman students.

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Senior Advice to Freshmen
Incoming students at orientation day at Kean University.
Arianna Barry

The start of a new semester is different for everyone, especially if it’s your first year at a new university. Being a freshman can be overwhelming and starting a new semester is never as easy as it seems. Kean University seniors are here to give advice for this year's freshmen class. 

“My advice for first-year students would be communication, participation, and finalization of coursework," said Senior Student Ahmed Abdelrazek.

Abdelrazek understands the importance of priotizing classes and the work that comes with it. However, he suggests that freshmen don't put pressure on themselves if they make mistakes.

"We are all human. Sometimes we forget things. [We] get stressed, get confused about which task we should be working on, or sometimes remember assignments at the last minute. So, communication is the solution with professors and other classmates too."

Hanna Seda is a senior studying graphic design. For this first year, Seda wants freshmen to stay focused in their classes.

“Try your best to take things seriously. I wish I took things more seriously the first year instead of goofing off. It does catch up to you and the work I put in the first year really helped in the last year,” Seda said.

Senior Dre'asia Williams advices freshmen to be motivated in their first semester at Kean. Even when times get rough, Williams believes it's important to stay on track.

“It’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish," said Williams. "A lot of people don’t know where they are going or what they are doing. It’s okay to start off on a rough patch but don’t end on one. Don’t end the same way you started."

Sarai Rodriguez advices students to get involve on campus. Rodriguez knows that students should get involved whether it be clubs, organizations, or internships.

“Don’t be afraid to go to an internship. As long as you know how to present yourself and just talk you’ll be okay," said Sarai Rodriguez. “Another word of advice that I’d like to share is get involved. Just join a club because when you go for interviews they want to know more about your involvement in different areas. Be true to yourself and stick to your goals."

The school years come with several ups and downs, and can be difficult in the first semester. However, the end goal is near and it is possible to achieve it.

Good luck, freshmen!