Life After COVID-19

Students share their experiences with the pandemic and what they’ve learned about themselves.

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Life After COVID-19
Students enjoying life on campus after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Arianna Barry

COVID-19 hit everyone unexpectedly. Most struggled to find jobs, some were laid off, and businesses were shut down due to this chaotic pandemic. It took almost three years for life to go back to "normal." Kean University students' lives have forever changed due to COVID-19.

Senior Graphic Design Student Hanna Seda has had her life changed due to COVID-19. Seda got through the pandemic by having good people around her and by taking precautions.

“I didn’t cope well at first, but I had really good friends along the way to help me through the school year,” says Seda. "The pandemic made me less of a touchy person, I show up to classes a bit earlier to wipe down and sanitize the tables. The pandemic taught me to find my own voice in solitude and that teamwork really makes you stronger.”

Myrna Laventure, student at Kean University, had difficulties in the pandemic aw well. However, despite being stuck at home, Laventure was able to learn a new skill.

“The pandemic was hard. I got so used to being in the house for so long reliving the same routine every day,” said Laventure. "[But] I can do hair now! I started experimenting with different methods. I know how to braid."

Laventure is not the only student who learned something new. Brianna Crenshaw and Nathalie Guerra, two Kean students, discovered something interesting about themselves during the pandemic.

“I learned that I put too much pressure on myself. The pandemic helped me realize that,” Crenshaw said.

“The pandemic taught me that I learn better in-person," said Guerra. "I like to be in a classroom learning rather than viewing PowerPoint slides.”

The pandemic was a difficult transition and, unfortunately, resulted in many deaths. While it has been difficult to cope with loss, students are making sure to seize each and every day. Dre'sia Williams is one student who understands this lesson and is living life to the fullest.

“We have to live life in the moment," said Williams. "Not everyday is promised, don’t put off things for tomorrow, do them now."

Although the pandemic hit unexpectedly and unannounced, there are a lot of positive lessons learned from quarantine. Remember to live your life to the fullest.