Promoting Your Art

Artistic clubs on campus provide the resources for publishing and expression.

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Promoting Your Art
Students performing their craft at an event.
Photo Courtesy of Kean Poetry Club
Fajr Eutsey

Kean encourages students to pursue their artistic passions by providing them with clubs that align with their creative interests. Students expressing themselves have access to publishing opportunities all throughout campus.

Blank Slate is a recognized, student-led magazine and organization that allows students to submit all forms of creative expression. The club also holds events to help promote networking both on and off campus. 

Blank Slate meetings are held in the Center for Academic Success, Room 315. There, artists can share their ideas and interests while gaining new perspectives on their craft. All submissions for Blank Slate can be emailed to

425 Magazine is another organization that dedicates itself to showcasing student work. According to Cougar Link, the club also highlights campus culture and promotes cross-curricular collaboration in preparation for a professional environment.

425 Magazine is open for submissions to post on their Instagram and magazine. All works can be submitted through their entry form. They are also hosting their Pin City event on Monday, October 31 and a bake sale on Monday, November 28 to fund the printing of their magazine.

Another great support system for creatives is Kean Poetry Club. The Poetry Club welcomes all poets, singers, musicians, MCs and other artists who want to express themselves.

Kean Poetry Club is a safe space for students to undergo artistic growth while simultaneously connecting with others who have the same interests. According to CougarLink, the Poetry Club also strives to form networks socially, culturally, and academically. To learn more about this artistic organization, students can email

Clubs and organizations like these are vital for artistic expression. They allow students to develop their skills and provide them with the opportunity to share their talents with others. Kean students are encouraged to join these clubs and attend their upcoming events. 

To stay updated on what these organizations are offering, students can visit Cougar Link.