New Parking Features at Kean

Kean provides a variety of parking options as well as new charging stations for electric vehicles.

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New Parking Features at Kean
New charging stations are available on campus.
Fajr Eutsey

This semester Kean has expanded its parking options and features for all on campus.

All Kean University students, faculty, staff, and guests have access to a free parking ePermit. Utilizing License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, Kean University allows drivers to have a smooth ePermit Process. LPR has the driver's license plate become the permit after registering their vehicles.

Kean University has many parking options available on campus. Student designated parking lots are located near:

  • Admissions Building
  • East Campus
  • Green Lane Academic Building
  • Harwood Arena
  • Hynes Hall
  • Kean Hall
  • Liberty Hall Academic Center
  • STEM Building
  • Vaughn-Eames

Parking options for faculty/staff parking include:

  • Cougar Hall
  • D'Angola Gym
  • East Upper Campus
  • Morris Ave

Visitors and overnight guest also have access to these parking spaces. Any vehicle parked on campus must have a registered ePermit. For more information on parking, citations, or parking rules, one can visit the Parking Services page on the Kean website.

Alongside the many parking options, Kean welcomes all to start charging their vehicles. Kean has implemented new charging stations located at the Morris Avenue parking lot in front of Hutchinson Hall. There, drivers will find six reserved spaces for charging electric vehicles. 

Students, faculty and staff are provided with up to four consecutive hours of free charging per day. If drivers charge their vehicles for more than four hours, they will be fined $4 for each additional hour. Guest will be charged at a rate of $0.25 per kWh for the first four hours and will receive the same fine for additional time.

Those interested in using the charging stations should begin by downloading the ChargePoint app and creating an account with their Kean email. In the app, drivers can get updates on the charging status of their vehicles. To receive the charging prices, drivers must access the “Connections” section of the ChargePoint app and enter their specific connection code:

  • Student Code: KeanStudent1855
  • Faculty and Staff Code: KeanStaff1855

Once this is done, drivers will receive a confirmation email approving their pricing request. Afterwards, the Kean Community discounted rate will be initiated. 

For more details about Kean’s charging stations and the ChargePoint app, one can read the Electric Vehicle Charging Information Sheet on the Kean website.