Blank Slate Wants Get Creative!

Blank Slate is an organization where Kean Cougars can publish their works.

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Blank Slate Wants Get Creative!
Logo Courtesy of Blank Slate
Jean Gardere

For Kean community members wanting to share their short stories, poems, photography, and other forms of creative work, Blank Slate is here for you.

“Our mission in Blank Slate is to raise the arts to a more visible and influential part of our campus,” said Blank Slate President Kayla Reyes and Vice President Ava Camargo respectively.

Blank Slate, also known as Blank Slate Collective, is a club that provides a space for writers, photographers, and other creative individuals to submit their work. Blank Slate accepts all submittions, even if they are incomplete.

Work can be submitted by anyone, including those who would like to remain anonymous. This is done for “students, who are not quite ready to formally share their work, to still see the fruits of their labor."

Submitted pieces are published in Blank Slate’s bi-annual magazine. Creative work can be submitted to

Blank Slate is currently looking for new members to fill in key positions like Treasurer and Secretary. They are also interested in accepting general body members to help edit and critique submissions. All students are welcome to join even if they are not English or Art majors.

“As long as you have a love for literature and art, you are more than welcome to join,” said Reyes and Camargo. 

Blank Slate meetings are in the Center for Academic Success, Room 315. Meetings take place every Thursday from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m. In this club, one can truly find connections to other people on campus who share a love for the arts.

“I joined because I was looking for a club on campus that combines my love for art [while] connecting me with other English majors on campus,” said Reyes. 

Camargo’s reason for joining was similar to Reyes. During Camargo’s first year on campus, she thought Blank Slate would be a “great way to meet new people.”

Blank Slate provides a space for individuals to express themselves while also meeting others who share the same passion. For more information about Blank Slate, students can visit their website.

At Blank Slate, everyone has a chance to be a part of the creative experience!