Why Choose Kean?

Students give their reasons as to why they chose Kean University.

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Why Choose Kean?
Just another day in the life at Kean.
Jean Gardere

Kean University is home to thousands of students. This semester sets the record for the highest amount of attending freshmen. With so many choices for colleges and universities, why exactly did students choose Kean?

Around campus, students revealed why they picked Kean University. New students also mentioned the factors that helped finalize their decision.

For Robert Cortado, he wanted a college that was close to home. Kean University provided him with just that. Cortado also chose Kean because of his cousin, a Kean University Alumnus.

“Diversity was definitely an expectation,” said Cortado, speaking on his expectations of Kean.

Diversity was another important factor and Cortado was pleased that it was met. Kean prides itself for their cultural diversity and, in 2021, was ranked seventh in the Northern U.S. in the "U.S. News & World Report 2022 Campus Ethic Diversity Index" as mentioned on the Kean website.

“I did expect a diverse community, and that’s what I see,” said Freshman Samantha Ayala.

Ayala studies at Kean University with an undecided major. Like Cortado, Ayala had chose Kean for its closeness and diversity.

"Location of the campus, tution, [and] the sense of unity," said Senior Yesica Castrillon about the benefits of Kean University.

Castrillon is finishing her studies in psychology and is pleased that the environment at Kean is “diverse and inclusive." Speaking as a senior, she felt that Kean has helped her to “expand [her] knowledge and social interactions.”

While attending, students have appreciated their time at Kean University. In fact, some suggest that those applying for colleges shoul consider coming to Kean.

Cortado believes that Kean University is a place where people can be "social [and] free."

Ayala suggests going to Kean if "you're looking for a safe, open space."

Castrillon’s advice is to “explore the academic and social aspects offered in and out of the classroom.” 

These are only a few reasons as to why students became Kean Cougars. Kean University has truly become students' new home away from home.

Keep climbing higher, Cougars!