Lovely Voices, Even Lovelier People

Kean Gospel Choir is a community brought together by faith and song.

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Lovely Voices, Even Lovelier People
Kean Gospel Choir  provides an outlet for people to express their faith through music.
Photo Courtesy of Kean Gospel Choir
Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

Kean Gospel Choir is a place where students can express their faith through music. Anyone can become a member regardless of their knowledge on gospel music and musical ability.

"We as a choir are talented individuals, but the main reason why we sing and worship is because we do it for the Lord," said Alissa Powell, president of Kean Gospel Choir.

The Gospel Choir is hoping to encourage positive attitudes amongst all members and give the community a greater appreciation for this type of music. Students do not need to audition, but they must have a heart for singing and fellowship.

"My favorite part about the choir is the unity and family-feel from the choir. Everyone is considered equal and is equally respected," Powell said.

If interested, one can join by signing up on their Cougar Link page. Students should also send an email to to inform them of the submission.

"Being a part of the choir entails consistency, open-mindedness, being able to come out of your comfort zone and passion for singing," said Powell.

Before joining, students can learn more about Kean Gospel Choir on Tuesday, November 1. At Cougar's Den, they will be performing at 3:30 p.m. for the DEI Black Solidarity Lunch.

“We have fun through it all because without fun worshiping God, then it’s dead. I hope for the students to gain confidence in their voices that God has given them. Gain a family within the choir safe space, and gain a relationship with God through singing and worship," said Powell.

Being a member of Kean Gospel Choir is not only engaging, but is an opportunity to join a community that nurtures talent, creativity and a sense of purpose. Between fun-filled practices and riveting performances, the experience gained from this choir is unmatched.

For any questions or more information, interested students can email Kean Gopsel Choir or call (347) 607-4965. 

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Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

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