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Highlight of the new things that Kean has to offer its students, staff/faculty and guests for the 2022 semester and beyond.

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New & Improved On Campus
Self Service Kiosk located in Nancy Thompson Library.
Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

As a new semester begins, Kean has implemented new things around campus. Those familiar with Kean know that a multitude of changes have happened over the years. To brighten up the campus and better aid the attending students, there are many things people can expect to see around campus this semester. 

Fully up and running, is a brand new way for students to check out books; a self-service kiosk at the Nancy Thompson Library Learning Commons (NTLC). This new kiosk allows students easy access at all times without the help from a staff member. Along with checking out books, the kiosk provides information on the library services and a snapshot of books that students have taken out in the past. 

The NTLC is still collecting data from the kiosk, but so far 80% of the books being checked out are being done through the self-checkout machines. More than half of the students who are checking things out from the library have gravitated towards these new machines. After taking a poll, students rated the self-checkout kiosk ease of use a 3.8 out of 4. 

“Library staff strive to provide the best services to the Kean community. It looks good, it helps students checkout much more quickly and also helps to see their transactions,” said Executive Director at NTLC, Muhammad Hassan.

Starting this semester, for the first time ever, Kean is inviting all students, staff, faculty and guests to charge their electronic vehicles on campus! The charging stations are located in the Morris Avenue lot directly in front of Hutchinson Hall. There are six van-accessible reserved spaces for charging electric vehicles. 

Anyone using the charging stations will have four consecutive hours of free charging per day. If one's vehicle remains at the charging station longer than four hours, a fee of $4 per hour will be charged. Guests can charge at a rate of $0.25 per kWh for four hours. If the vehicle is there longer than 4 hours, the owner will be charged the same amount as previously stated. 

Resident Student Life office has now changed its location from Whiteman Hall to New Upper Residence Hall. The Resident Student Life office is a place that students can go to get acclimated to life on campus. Since it can be difficult for students on campus to know everything that is offered to them, Res Life is more than happy to help. The hours for this semester are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“Our new learning center and access tutoring are now located in our Freshman residence hall now!” Customer Service Representative, Cherese Jackson said about the new channges on campus.

Students can find more information in regards to Res Life, from the Kean University website by searching Resident Life in the search bar. One can also contact the office directly at for information on housing or for package inquiries. 

Don’t miss out on all these things and more this semester, Cougars!

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Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

Jaclyn Lukas is an English major with a concentration in writing. She joined The Cougar’s Byte staff in Spring 2021. After her time at Kean, Jaclyn hopes to start her professional career in publishing for books or newspapers/magazines.