Vaughn-Eames Presents 'Modus Operandi'

Three artists showcase their art at the Vaughn-Eames Hall James Howe Gallery.

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Vaughn-Eames Presents 'Modus Operandi'
"Things that Scare Us the Most" by Susan Luss is one of many pieces in the James Howe Gallery.
Arianna Barry

The Vaughn-Eames Hall caters to students studying art and theater, giving them a chance to utilize their creative skills whilst expressing themselves artistically. This year, Kean has brought art to the university and it's being showcased in Vaughn-Eames Hall. 

“Modus Operandi" is the art exhibition being held in the James Howe Gallery. An open reception will be held on Wednesday, November 30 from 6 to 8 p.m. The art presented will remain in the gallery until Friday, December 16. 

“It’s a calming place to relax, take a breather, and enjoy the art,” said Student Assistant Curator Barak Coskun. 

Curated by Anna Shukeylo, the exhibition will include work from Jennifer Wroblewski, Susan Luss, and Jane Swavely. Each piece of art is unique and uses different techniques and mediums. 

“My favorite part of this whole exhibit is the unity between the artists. Even though these artists didn’t collaborate and coordinate their pieces, there’s a similarity and a familiar idea in each of their works,” said Coskun. 

Jennifer Wroblewski’s “Late for Revision” series depicts different patterns done with a graphite pencil. This work spans over 17 pages and is meant to show the space that exists between writing and drawing.

In Luss’s piece, “Things That Scare Us The Most,” she lays out several different objects on a 5 by 18 foot canvas that she painted on. Some of these objects include brooms, brushes, and branches. 

Jane Swavely’s work experiments with splashes of vibrant greens and blues. Currently, Swavely has about six works installed. These pieces include: 

  • Green Screen C 
  • The Blue Light #3
  • Untitled
  • Green Screen B
  • Silver Book #3
  • Silver Book #4

“People should come here more often. It's a great way to see what other people at the university are doing. The arts are also very important,” Coskun said.  

The art presented at Vaughn-Eames Hall is a great way to unwind and admire each individual work of art. If students are interested, they can visit the James Howe Gallery for free.