C.A.P.S. Helps Cougars Climb Higher

C.A.P.S. helps assist students during their academic and professional journeys.

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C.A.P.S. Helps Cougars Climb Higher
Kean students on their way to academic and professional success.
Fajr Eutsey

The Center for Advising, Persistence and Success (CAPS) is here to help students by providing them with their services. CAPS specializes in helping freshmen, sophomores and transfers in their academic journey.

As stated on the Kean University website, “The Center for Advising, Persistence and Success believes that holistic and student-centered advising fosters student success, community and retention.” 

CAPS is capable of helping students in a variety of areas. They are knowledgeable in academic advising, course registration and supporting students every step of the way. 

This is truly a resource that Kean students should know about and utilize when needed. According to the Kean website, freshmen and sophomores should consider contacting a CAPS advisor for the following reasons:

  • Academic Advising

  • Registering for Courses

  • Changing Major or Minor

  • Four-Year Planning

  • Adding/Dropping a Course

  • Co-Curricular Programming

  • Understanding Registration Holds

  • Academic Checklist Review

  • Referrals to Other Departments

CAPS staff members care about student retention and success. Professional advisors take the time to review a student’s degree requirements and progress to make sure they are on track. The CAPS team works very hard to listen, understand, support and inform students about all of the opportunities that Kean provides. 

According to Kean’s website, advisors are assigned to students based on their last name and their completed credit hours. To review the CAPS academic advisors and their contact information, students can visit the Meet Our Staff page.

CAPS gives students room to grow as they adjust to all that college life has to offer. Between the demands of courses and understanding time management, CAPS is here to help. They are dedicated to guiding students towards putting forth their best effort throughout their academic and professional journeys.

Juniors and seniors can also receive academic guidance by contacting their faculty advisors. This information can be found on Keanwise under the ‘My profile’ section of the Students Menu.

“I didn’t really use CAPS a lot until after freshman year but it’s so important,” said Student Sarah Martinez. 

To learn more about CAPS and what they have to offer, students are free to visit their page on the Kean University website.