To Be a Graduate Student

A prospective of being a graduate student at Kean University.

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To Be a Graduate Student
Nathan Weiss Graduate College is the gradute school at Kean University.
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Graduate school is an educational choice that can contribute immensely to a student's future. It provides students with programs that are more tailored toward a specific major or discipline.

Some people attend graduate school in order to achieve a higher degree such as a master's or doctorate. Others may join based on their passion for a specific subject. Kean has a variety of graduate programs that are suitable for those looking to continue their educational journey. 

Pursuing a graduate degree requires effort and time. Between balancing work, internships and family obligations, students must also work towards their educational goals. Getting a handle on these things can cause stress in a student. 

To combat the stress that may arise, graduate students advise interested pupils to optimize their time by planning their schedules to fit their lifestyles. 

“I would say time management is the best skill,” said Graduate Student Tiana Davis. 

For graduate school, Kean University understands its students and grants them flexibility within their classes. At Kean, students can choose from part-time and full-time class formats. 

Graduates take fewer classes than those in undergraduate, but their courses can be more research intensive. While it's a part of one's educational progression, the adjustment can be uncomfortable for incoming students. 

Luckily, Kean provides many resources to help graduates stay on track. The faculty, staff, and advisors are supportive of all students and are here to help them successfully navigate graduate school. Graduate students are also here to help and advise newcomers. 

“As long as you stay on top of your assignments, you'll be okay," said Davis. 

Prospective students may have to evaluate their finances in order to attend a graduate program. Fortunately, The Kean University Foundation offers more than a dozen scholarship options for those who need assistance. For more information regarding graduate financial aid, students may visit the Kean Foundation Scholarships page on the Kean University website. 

The application for Kean's graduate programs vary, so interested students should visit Kean's Graduate Program Application Deadlines page for more information.

To learn about Kean’s graduate programs, students can visit Kean’s Official Website.