Dance the Night Away!

Kean Musical Movements gears up for its annual dance showcase.

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Dance the Night Away!
Kean Musical Movements 2018 Showcase
Photo Courtesy of Kean Musical Movements
Jean Gardere

On Wednesday, November 30, Kean Musical Movements will be hosting its annual showcase at Wilkins Theatre. Here, the group will present their dances to all of the Kean community. 

According to Kean Musical Movements, from 7 to 9:30 p.m., students can expect to see “people showcasing their love for the arts in a fun and exciting way."

Kean Musical Movements is one of the many dance teams at Kean University. Kean Musical Movements consists of talented dancers who, through hard work and dedication, auditioned for their spot in the group. Together, these students join together to develop their skills in a positive and lively environment. 

This year’s showcase gives these very same dancers the space to show off their hard work and skills to a live audience. Previous attendees should expect to see many new faces on the team as well as a series of fantastic guest performers.

Throughout different cultures, dance remains a popular form of expression, but why is that? What is it about dance that attracts so many people to it?

“Dance gets its popularity from its range,” said Kean Musical Movements. 

Like music, dance has popularity and a range of genres. Some include jazz, hip-hop, lyrical and afro. For Kean Musical Movements, dance is not just a form of expression. 

“[Dance is] the gateway to many forms of expression [which] allows room for different ways in making those expressions, emotions, visions and stories come to life,” said Kean Musical Movements.

The team at Kean Musical Movements believes that dance has the capacity to touch all who view it, regardless of dancing ability. To those who attend, the team hopes that they can “see the beauty in all of [dance’s] forms and the diversity of its people.”

For more information, students can email or direct message them on Instagram at @kean_musical_movements

Kean Musical Movements invites everyone to experience the joy of dance in this year’s showcase.