Hallyu Doing?

Meet the Hallyu Club, a club dedicated to spreading K-POP and Korean culture to Kean.

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Hallyu Doing?
Members of the Hallyu Club during their November 16 dance workshop.

Out of all the clubs and organizations at Kean University, the Hallyu Club truly stands out from the rest. The Hallyu Club is a great place for students looking to embrace Korean pop culture. 

“Hallyu Club is a place where fans from all backgrounds can come to enjoy K-Pop and gain a deeper understanding of Korean pop culture,” said Asia Blue, director of public relations of Hallyu Club. 

Like all clubs, the Hallyu Club has an executive board consisting of Kean students. The following students make up the Eboard: 

  • President Matthew Carlos
  • Vice President Kaitlin Agostinho 
  • Treasurer Melanie Huashuayo 
  • Director of Public Relations Asia Blue
  • Director of Public Relations Sariyyah Hayes

The Hallyu Club mainly gathers for two different reasons; general body meetings and dancing. General meetings take place in the Center for Academic Success, Room 248. Dance related meetings usually take place in the D’Angola Gym, Room 169. 

Various dance workshops are held throughout the semester and are open to everyone. Special guests also attend these workshops, such as students from Seton Hall University and Rutgers University. 

In this club, members learn dance choreography from their favorite K-Pop groups, such as TWICE, BTS, and SEVENTEEN. The Hallyu Club also has its own dance crew, RetroKraze, which posts videos on Youtube. 

 At one of the workshops, Huashuayo was able to learn choreography from the song “Ring the Alarm” by KARD. Despite the difficulties of learning this type of dance, Huashuayo admired the synchronicity of K-Pop groups, especially TWICE. 

 “It looks like they’re just one person moving,” said Huashuayo 

The Hallyu Club does much more than constructing dance workshops. They have more events planned for the remainder of the semester: 

  • K-Pop & J-Pop Night - Monday, November 28
  • Hallyu Club Bake Sale - Wednesday, November 30
  • Random Dance Play - Wednesday, November 30

“It’s really great that a lot of our events are from the heart,” said Carlos. 

The Hallyu Club is always looking for new members interested in learning about K-POP and South Korean culture. If students are interested in Korean culture, then this would be a great club to join.