How Do You Get Around?

Students share how they get around on campus.

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How Do You Get Around?
Shuttle buses are just one way students get around campus.
Photo Courtesy of Kean University

Jean Gardere

There are many places to explore at Kean University. From classes to dorms to offices, students have no trouble getting from one place to another. Kean community members shared how they get around campus and some ways they’d like to try in the future. 

When it comes to Kean, there are various methods for moving across campus. Many, like Speech Pathology Major Jordyn Parker, prefer walking as their means of transportation. 

“I usually walk because my classes are closer together,” said Parker.

Parker is a freshman at Kean and would like to use the shuttle bus. However, there is one thing stopping her from doing so. 

“I don’t know the schedule, but if I did…I'd probably take the shuttle bus,” said Parker.

If those like Parker are unaware of the shuttle schedule, Kean’s got it covered. Students interested in the shuttle bus can download the Shuttle App on their Apple or Android device for free. To learn more about the app and how to download it, students can visit the Shuttle App page on the Kean University website. 

When it comes to students getting to class, many prefer walking. Freshman Sanaa Williams walks to her courses but would use a scooter if she had the chance. 

“It looks like you would get there faster,” said Williams.

Freshman Joshua Cassleman also prefers to walk to all his classes. Out of all transportation methods, walking seems to be the best for Cassleman. He appreciates not being held up in traffic, which might happen when riding a scooter or a bus between campuses. 

“It’s the most resourceful,” said Cassleman. 

Ayleen Vargas, freshman biology major, doesn’t mind walking at times. While the bus is good for getting around, Vargas enjoys walking when the weather is nice. 

“I can listen to music, and if it’s a nice day outside…walking is fine,” said Vargas.

With so many ways to travel on campus, Kean students certainly have their pick of how to travel.