My Cougar's Keeper

The Department of Public Safety and others play a role in keeping Kean safe.

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My Cougar's Keeper
The Department of Public Safety ensures the protection of all on campus.
Photo Courtesy of the Department of Public Safety
Jean Gardere

It is important for people to keep themselves protected and out of harm’s way. Luckily, the Kean community has several groups who prioritize their safety.

The Department of Public Safety consists of Kean Police, the Office of Fire Safety and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. These forces are determined to protect all at Kean University from danger.

The Kean Police are highly trained and work around the clock to provide a safe campus environment. They also connect with other university departments and local law enforcement to ensure this protection. 

According to the Department of Public Safety, as stated on their Kean University website page, “the department provides the full spectrum of law enforcement services, from uniformed patrol to a fully staffed criminal investigations bureau.” 

The Office of Fire Safety educates Kean members on fire safety through awareness programs. They also collaborate with the Department of Community Affairs, specifically their Division of Fire Safety. This connection aids in inspections to ensure a fire-safe campus.

When it comes to the sanitation of food and environment, students can rely on the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. This division is responsible for many different areas including waste management, food safety, and biological safety.

It is clear that Kean has a capable and dedicated staff. But, Cougars can also do their part in keeping their campus safe.

One way is by reporting all crimes to Kean Police. Blue-light telephones are placed at 13 locations throughout campus, offering callers direct communication to the police. In addition, telephones are located in the lobbies and corridors of most campus buildings. 

For off-campus calls, dial (908) 737-4800.

Joining KeanSAFE is another way students can promote campus safety. "SAFE" stands for “Students Active For Everyone.” 

“The KeanSAFE team is made up of students utilized by the Department of Public Safety/Police who serve a variety of roles,” as stated on the KeanSAFE section of the Kean University website. 

This team assists the department by representing them at campus events as well as helping with administrative and clerical work. The goal of KeanSAFE members is to become leaders by representing the department’s values of courage, integrity and respect. 

Some general safety tips, provided by the Department of Public Safety, that everyone can follow include: 

  • Staying alert at all times while on campus.
  • Using well-lit and busy sidewalks.
  • Using crosswalks when attempting to cross the street.
  • Try to park in an area that will be well lit and heavily traveled when you return.
  • Carry a cell phone, whistle or a personal alarm to alert people that you need help.

For a full list of safety tips, students can visit the General Safety Tips section of the Department of Public Safety's webpage. 

Stay safe out there, Cougars!